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Critique On Role Of Hr Planning In Recruitment

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Journal Critique


December 18, 2013

Done by
Dawla Al-Mulla
Moh'd Al-Mannai

In “Role of Human Resource Planning in Recruitment and Selection Process,” Francis C. Anyim Ph.D, Joy Onyinyechi Ekwoaba, and Dumebi Anthony, Faculty of Business Administration in University of Lagos, Nigeria highlighted the theoretical view of challenges facing the HR planners and their role in recruitment and selection process: British Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences - August 2012, Vol. 6 (2)

Human resource management is the management of an ...view middle of the document...

The article stress the vitality of Human Resource planning for long run organizations success as it deals with employees who become part of the primary internal market focus (Cooke, 2000). The authors cited previous research, mostly primary and recent published sources, to justify the importance of HR planning in each function areas within organization. On the reverse side, the authors pointed remarkable theories and reviews repeatedly. For example, the authors cite a study indicating that the recruitment processes is to attract new candidates, and then the indication was supported by previous reviews twice; ' Boxall and Purcel (2003) - recruitment is all about attracting young workers, according to Pilbeam and Corbridge (2002) - recruitment and selection extends to attracting suitable candidates' .
The article clearly integrates the human resource planning with overall business strategies and plans. As it allows for better control over staffing costs and numbers employed and enables employers to make more informed judgments about the skills and attitude mix in organizations.
Hiring new employees can be a challenging part of human resource planning. The article went on to give specific examples and figures to accurately interpret and lead any reader to the same conclusion; it also touched on proper ways for organizations to deal with new challenges and problems facing human recourse planning. And those challenges are: Employee attitude, Workplace diversity, Mismatch between Applicants’ Skills and Jobs, and Environmental Factors.
Authors were successful in presenting the role of HR planning in facilitating recruitment and selection process in understandable manner that is supported with clear examples. This role can be found in the following activities; Facilitating the Pre-Recruitment Review, Providing Expert Advice and Guidance, Functioning as an Expert Adviser to the Selection Committee,...

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