Crococobra's Creative Journal Essay

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Day 1I woke up to a phone call at 5:47 am. It was General Sarov, head of military experimentation. I was told that a top secret military experiment to create a hybrid species of deadly animals had gone wrong. The animals had been designed to be deployed in battle in the place of humans, but unfortunately had escaped. They needed my help to hunt the animals down.Day 2When I got to the Cairns Military Headquarters I saw that lots of my friends had also been hired. There was Jake, Scott, and Thomas, who were my friends from school. They had served in the army with me during the Belgian campaign. There was also Jimmy, who had been to SAS training with me. After a pleasant reunion we were told to ...view middle of the document...

We had a suspicion that, being a part-crocodile it would prefer to live in or near water. We were heading to the deepest part of the Daintree Rainforest, the Yumali region.Each of the APC’s had an M-60 machine gun turret on the back. On my APC Jimmy got to man the M-60 while Daniel, Jake and I were the support gunners. We had an army driver and Scott was in the cab with him. Zane, John and Thomas were on the other APC.As we progressed through the rainforest the numbers of crococobras were minimal and Daniel, who was an ex-military sniper, usually shot it before anyone else even saw it. It seemed strange because we had covered quite a lot of ground without seeing many. We finally realised that these animals were nocturnal. They would attack us at nightfall.We stopped to have lunch at a picnic spot and decided to set up a secure camp.After we had set up a proper camp and had two patrols guarding the perimeter the first attack came. There were about twenty crococobras that started attacking the vehicles. The spotlights we had set up made it easy to spot the animals as they got close to the camp. They ran into the middle of the camp and trampled out the fire. Jake killed about four with his pump action shotgun and the rest scattered amongst the vehicles and nearby trees. There were shots going everywhere but the crococobras were very difficult to hit because of their speed. A small group of five of them rallied together and someone threw a grenade at the group. That made short work of them. The remainder fled and we thought we could relax a little when suddenly one of the patrol groups was attacked. The three crococobras had approached stealthily and pounced on the patrols, crushing them and biting their heads off. Although we remained vigilant for the rest of the night, no other crococobras were seen.Day 4We radioed to HQ that the problem was worsening and we needed reinforcements. Base command sent a Blackhawk to bring us our reinforcements and new equipment. We were all issued with USAS-12 automatic shotguns. They were brand new weapons that had not been released to the public. Each magazine contained fifty rounds of twelve gauge shotgun shells. We also got fifteen more commandos to help us.We had to move quickly. A military spy plane had pinpointed the exact location of the queen crococobra lair, and as we got closer we knew nightfall would bring an unstoppable onslaught.We drove along the road as far as we could, but soon we had to proceed on foot. We could hear the crococobras in the dense scrub around us, stalking but not attacking. It was so unnerving that Thomas went nuts and ran off into the rainforest, screaming. We heard a scuffle and some shots, then the screams stopped.We eventually got to the lair, which was at the fork of two rivers. We found two crococobra guards at the entrance of the cave. As Daniel knelt to...

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