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Trade Union is an indispensable factor in an organization. It represents for the employees‘s interests. In business, social and ethical responsibility is also very important. They reflect the image and reputation of a company. The focus of this paper will be discussing on of definition, impacts, signification of trade union, social responsibility and business ethics.

1.0 Researching about Trade union and its relationship with workers.

Trade union is an organization which can’t lack in every firm during its operation. A company‘s Trade union also have an intimate relationship with employees in that company. Hereafter, we will discuss more clearly about Trade union.

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This amount will be offered for legal advice or strike if the workers refuse to work. If it is unable to get an agreement between employees and employers, Trade union will be representer for employees to negotiate a compromise. Regardless of the result of compromise, trade union‘s member must agree the solution.

Trade union plays an extremely important role in the working benefits of employees. Its purpose is "maintaining or improving the working conditions of their members”[2]

1.2 Reasons for joining in Trade Union.

Without Trade unions, workers don’t have any voice or power. Hence, the primary reason for joining in Trade Union is to receive satisfactory wage rates and safe working environment. Trade Union will help to protect and improve our working conditions.

Secondly, you can offer the help with any difficulties related to your job. Leaders of Trade Union will take note and transfer them to employers. The combination form a lot of member’s opinion is more power than just individual workers moaning. You'll have a opportunities to influence the firm by voting on any significant decision, joining to Trade Union‘s meetings or campaigns. Thirdly, Trade Union will be your legal representation and provide necessary legal services when required.[3]

1.3 Commentation on actions of Trade Union when Thai workers threaten strike.

Through the article, we realize that the power of Trade Union is extremely great. It already can upset the government and national policies. When Thailanders viewed their Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra who got deeply corrupt and abuse of power, they forced Thaksin for his stepping down on 2006. However, he tried to flee Thailand in August to avoid a jail sentence on a conflict-of-interest conviction. In this situation, anti-government protesters blockaded the Parliament. They fought against polices on street battles in Oct 7. This was the country's worst political clash in more than a decade. Since later August, This group blockaded the Government House, the government's main offices. Thursday morning, a grenade was thrown and killed one protester and wounded 29. Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat denied the responsibility. These government‘s action made Thailand’s labor federation (TLF) angry. They threatened to go on strike if the Thaksin doesn’t step down. They called its nearly 200,000 members for joining protesters‘s demonstration at weekend to against the murderous government. 'If they do not resign or if they use violence against innocent civilians, all of us will strike nationwide” labor federation chief Sawit said. The federation of 43 unions represents workers from national companies consisting of Thai Airways, the national railroad, and water, telephone and electric utilities joined in strike nationwide. Once, TLF struggled to against corruptive government, all of its members got ready for facing with political violent battles and joining in strikes. Trade union will act as a Leaders and...

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