Cross Cultural Perspectives Essay

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives

ETH 316
MARCH 10, 2015

Cross-Cultural Perspectives
It is the nature of business to expand its business and increase sales. What is ethical? In my opinion ethics are defined by what is “right.” Some ethic standards are defined by law, but many must come from within the person or business. One must realize that sometimes what might be considered unethical by law or ethical by law might need to be revisit and thought about if the law or lack of it produces unethical outcomes.

In doing business so many times an organization must think globally. This might be done to increase sales and/or profits or to lower labor costs. In either case, problems can occur ...view middle of the document...

” Even with these standards set by company itself Levis Strauss and Company has come under continual scrutiny by many along with the United States Government for child labor infractions as well as many other ethical standards set within the United States.

In the United States discrimination based on sex, age, national origin, or ethic/racial is illegal and as previously stated, Levis Strauss and Company operates in more than 110 countries around the world many of these countries have different ethical standards than the United States.

Mexico is a excellent country to compare the ethical standard of discrimination to the United States. One would think that discrimination in modern times was not accepted in most modern nations but this is really not true. Though even in Mexico there are laws against it corruption is widespread. Bribing an official of the government is not only accepted but encouraged. In Mexico when it comes to discrimination if a company pays off an official the said official will turn his or her backs on what is being done. In my research, I found that it is acceptable to give female potential employee a pregnancy test prior to hiring her in order to beat paying her maternity leave. In the United States this would be unethical because we would be infringing on the stated woman’s rights. Furthermore, in Mexico most help wanted ads include preferences by the employer for such items as age, gender and good looks (Adler, 2006). If such an ad was placed in the United States that the company would have so many legal issues they would have to go out of business.
Another such country that Levi Strauss and Company operated in was Bangladesh where child labor not only happens but is encouraged as this youth support a whole family in their labor. In 2008 these practices were reported and Levi Strauss and Company decided to not hire anymore underage employees in the future but instead of freeing the underage workers they have already hired the decided to continue to pay these employees until they completed their schooling and become of legal United States working age.

Levi Strauss and Company has a social responsibility as a global organization to society and...

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