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Cross Cultural Trends Essay

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Cross-Cultural Trends
Shannon Rivera
October 11, 2014
Victor Armenta

Throughout history other countries and their various trends and art forms have been implemented into American culture. Five trends and art forms that have been diffused into our American culture were, Chinese Sushi, African Sweetgrass Basket Weaving, Tattoos, and Soccer. These trends have become an intricate part of our lives. We see these forms of art embedded in our social, economical, and personal lives.

Sushi was first recognized in the second century A.D. in China. The Chinese found that by surrounding the fish with rice it allowed the fish to ferment. This allowed them to store the fish without it ...view middle of the document...

Sweetgrass basket weaving production has been popular in most southern states. The production of sweetgrass basket weaving has since declined due to the increase in construction and building in the marshlands. These baskets are still in demand among art collectors and museums. You can see these beautifully crafted sweetgrass baskets at the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institute.

Tattoos have been around for over 5,000 years. Tattoos trended amongst several diverse cultures throughout the past 5,000 years. Some of the cultures that participated in this trend were the New Zealanders, Japanese, and Polynesians. The Polynesians in particular believe that a person's mana, their spiritual power or life force, is displayed through their tattoo, (, 2010). I can personally identify with this trend. I have several tattoos. My tattoos reflect my personal beliefs, faith, and loved ones. I do not feel that tattoos should be a trend that is a fashion statement. I loathe it when people go into a tattoo shop and choose something off the wall, or the book. I personally believe that a tattoo is something that should be special to you, tell a story of your life, those in it that may have passed, expression of one self. To be used a your own personal canvas.

Soccer is one of the most widely observed sports that have diffused into American culture. Soccer has a vast following of fans that could be referred to as fanatics. Fans of Soccer are loyal, and do not miss and opportunity to unite with their friends and family while enjoying an event. “The game that flourished in...

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