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Cross Culture Essay

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Cross-Cultural Perspective

JANUARY-27, 2012

In this world, cultural issues within the global organization have ethical and social responsibility in which every organization try to fixed those situations by forming policies, rules and regulation to the organization. Many global organizations prefer to work with multicultural group which people learn different cultures and the way they interact with people. Different cultures have many ways of behavioring and the norm of living. In the US, different cultures are sub-cultures and foreign cultures within the U.S community. This paper will talk about the cultural issues within a global organization which comes from ...view middle of the document...

In this case, the person from that country corrects the individual or makes fun of him or her that makes it a little difficult for the individual. With the communication, lauaguage is something that is hard to speak if individual is not from the country or easy to speak but can make mistakes. With all these issues, the cross-culture organization have identified it and have realized that people that travel must know and understand the language so that they can communicate with someone when they travel to another country.
Socio-economic is something we all experience when we go to another person land. The

second issues individual experience is the socio-economic especially how to use another’s person

Country money. In this situation, the individual find it difficult due to that the organization

explains the money exchange and tech the individual how to use the currency so that they will

find it easy to use it.

In every country, the technology other country uses is similar or different from what

another country uses. When the cross- culture organization sends a student or a business person

to another country, they find it difficult to use their technology because it is different from what

they use in their country. For example, I travel to another country with a student program but

when I got there, everything was going on well till I experience the difficulty of the technology

because they were different from what I was using in America. In this case, many individual find

it hard to use another country technology due to that the organization is trying to train them

before going to another country.

Ethical and Social Responsibility Issues

Ethical is taking account of the organization that impacts the organization socially and

economically. Even though the organization sends people across the country, they also have

partnership with local communities and development group, example sponsoring local event and

ensuring opportunities to people to travel to another country to experience different culture and

also for business and educational program. With all this ethnical and social responsibility, cross-

culture demonstrates respect for their employees which they train, develop new programs,

reward, have work life balance, and incentive for their workers and also for the student.

In social...

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