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Cross Dressing: A Curse Or An Inspiration?

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God has created men and women as the companions of each other with the segregated
attributes, which makes them different from each other. Cross dresser an unusual being of the
society that has been born by the man’s interests towards being like a woman. Prominence of
Cross dressers has been perpetual since day one of the adam’s world and can be seen so
apparent through media, news and in today’s existing society even more than before. This
paper is an appreciation on the question of the acceptance of such beings on earth now or is it
dilemma-tic pitfalls of human mankind in which most are sufferings since a long haul.
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2. Literature Review
The nurturing of a baby boy or a baby girl in the right way is extremely important or else a lousy act of the
parents can cause blunders and then major problems, which are hard to hide and are showcased in the
society. The society is made by the people and their behaviors and acts are definitely different from each
other but certain principles and acts are the consensus of acceptance of what is happening around. Cross
dressers/Transvestism is not an acceptable human being on this planet. At first sight, if you get to meet a
man wearing earrings and in make-up will definitely make you feel agitated and laugh at the same time.
It’s common but still un-common to many. It is extremely unacceptable in different countries of Asia and
seemingly acceptable in Europe.
It’s a curse for parents if a baby is a gay and on the same stance its nerve-wrecking when your
child acts, wears and behaves like a girl than the natural instinct of a boy. As mentioned earlier the subject
varies i.e. a child in the early age of 2 yrs should be cared in a way that behavior should be tailored to a
natural environment and the society. A case study of a cross dresser by Grant (1960) discussed how a
small child aged two years was in love and crazy about female high-heels shoes. Though in appearance
the guy was 29 yrs old but as a child he was known to sometimes be dressed like a girl. The important
point to understand is the bringing up of a child. In this case, the boy child was brought up by his mom
and maids and his father was rare to him and not much around.
In UK, many groups of cross dressers are found though are prohibited to be dressed as such but still these
individuals pass on the laws and regulations. There are many cases of threatening such groups by the
religious preachers and road boycotts. Also, there are people in favor of these cross dresser/transvestitism
groups as well for their living welfare.
Presently, Sexual Diversity is found and for the purpose there is a communal frame of gender
studies. Its purpose is to analyze genders in the society in relevance to hetro-sex, homosexual, cross
dresser/transsexuals. Rather than hiding such facts and issues in our society, one should find out practical
solutions and future prospects for less and even nil cross dressers identities. Cross dressing has been used
for literary and art purposes. Another example of cross dressing or adopting the likelihood of it by males
and females is due to one of their hobbies such as theatres, in which from early years in Shakespearian
plays, people used to dress in cross dressed manner. In western society, majority people negate to such
people as they are not taken as normal and are outcast.
There is no self-reproach to the cross dressers as their personality is completely satisfied with their
existence and they want it to be reflected as same to the outside world. There are many communities build
in this regard and even living...

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