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Crossing The Line Ceremony Essay

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I was steaming across the Pacific Ocean onboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger (CV-61). The sky was as dark blue as the ocean and it was hard to tell where the ocean stopped and the sky began. The captain announced over the 1MC that we would be crossing the Equator and the International Date Line in 3 days and we would be having a Crossing the Line Ceremony which is a very old maritime tradition dating back to the 19th century. It is very rare for a ship to cross the Equator and the International Date Line, a ship normally only gets to cross the Equator. It was explained to me that the ceremony was for all new sailors to participate in only if we wanted to. See, a new sailor is called a ...view middle of the document...

The captain came across the 1MC and informed the Shellbacks that would be taking part in the ceremony that if they were caught injuring any of the wogs that they would be dealt with. After the captain made his announcement I felt better and somewhat relived, the captain is the one person that can end your career quickly. I decided that I would participate in the ceremony, becoming a Golden Shellback is an honor that most sailors never get the chance to achieve during their career.
The ceremony started around 1700 the night before the ship crossed the Equator and the International Date Line. During the ceremony I underwent a number of increasingly disgusting ordeals, I had to wear my clothing inside out and backwards, I crawled on my hands and knees on nonskid-coated decks, if I hadn’t wore proper protection I would have wore the skin off my hand and knees. I was hit with short lengths of firehose and crawled through a chute of rotting garbage and spoiled food. Luckily I was one of...

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