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Brendan Clery Crude Oil QuestionsWhat is crude oil?Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons separated into useful products, such as fuels, using distillation.What is a hydrocarbon?A compound from hydrogen and carbonHow many bonds can carbon form? ...view middle of the document...

H H H HH-C-C-C-C-HH H H HDraw the structure of heptane (7 carbons).H H H H H H HH-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-HH H H H H H HWhen a hydrocarbon has 12 carbon atoms, how many hydrogen atoms does it have?26What is a fraction?Separating a mixture into different partsWhy can different fractions of crude oil be separated using fractional distillation?Because they have different boiling pointsHow does the boiling point change when the hydrocarbons get bigger?How does the flammability change as the hydrocarbons get bigger?The flammability decreases as the length increasesWhat is viscosity?What is volatility?The changing from a solid or liquid to a vapour.

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