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Crusher Lubrication Components Necessary Device System

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Crusher parts lubrication is very important, he needs to help implement a set of matching system, today we take a look at the lubrication system of essential equipment.
Temperature switch
Installed on the return pipe temperature switch, it can have the following three purposes: one is used for high temperature alarm;The other is used for low temperature mechanical chain;Third is the control electric fan blade type oil cooler.If three role needs to be, to install the three temperature switches.Crusher lubricating oil pressure can't too high or too low, the general should be controlled in a stable range.Lubrication system of oil pressure by pressure gauge, pressure switch, and the main safety valve monitoring and control.The role of the main safety valve is to prevent the high pressure oil into the crusher, as well ...view middle of the document...

When the temperature is higher than 54 ℃ by electric contact thermometer call the police.Can be adjust the cooler water to adjust the oil temperature.For air cooled through temperature switch is air-cooled radiator.
Commonly used cooler has two kinds of water cooled and air cooled.Lubrication system must be equipped with cooler, the role of it is higher than 54 ℃ cooling lubricants.When the oil temperature is lower than 38 ℃ don't use lube oil cooler.Cooler cleaner can obtain the best cooling effect and the longest service life.Regular cleaning heat conversion efficiency and can not only improve the cooler can cause corrosion and hinder the smooth water flow deposit and extend the working life of the cooler.Through the entrance to a cooler setting thermometer 12, 10 to determine whether it should be cleaned.If the entrance temperature cooler is very small, then cooler sediment may have been blocked or corrosion, must clean up at this time.To maintain the lubrication to continue unimpeded, lubricating oil is entered into the oil supply pipeline safety valve 21.
Electric contact thermometer
The role of the electric contact thermometer: one is the high temperature alarm.The second is to control the cooler fan motor.If two functions both must be equipped with two thermometer.Electric contact thermometer should be installed on the return pipe near the tank as soon as possible.Should point out that the electric contact thermometer thermal head must be completely submerged in oil.Normally only half have oil in the discharge pipe, so it'd dress on line of tubing, so that the thermal head into them from the bottom row of tubing.The high temperature setting of the thermometer between 48-57 ℃.Summer, hot weather should choose 57 ℃ advisable, winter should choose 48 ℃ advisable, because the internal temperature is higher than the thermometer setting.
stone crusher:

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