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Csr Of Akij Group Essay

3444 words - 14 pages

Corporate Social Responsibility
AKIJ Group of Industries

Course Code: BUS 101
Course Title: Introduction to Business

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Ms.Rumana Afroze
Senior Lecturer
Dept. of Business Administration
East West University

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Group name- United
S/l | NAME | ID |
1 | Md. Sayedur Rahman Bhuiyan | 2013-2-10-187 |
2 | Nafiur Rahman Khan | 2013-2-10-183 |
3 | Alema Rahim Sadabi | 2013-2-40-039 |
4 | Hazera Israil Sumaiya | 2013-2-40-038 |
5 | Sabiha Afrin | 2013-2-40-041 |

Date of Submission:
16th July 2013

16th July 2013.
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Business Administration
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We are very much thankful to our respected teacher, Ms Rumana Afroze, Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University who always gave us guidelines & suggestion during the period of completing our interview paper.

Special thanks to Md. Ruhul Islam, Manager, Accounts & Company Affairs of the Akij Group, Dilkusha Commercial Area who gave us his valuable time with some essential information to make our assignment.


Now-a-days development of a country depends on so many things. Industrialization is one of them. To develop a country, the country has to be rich in industrial sectors. In industrial world of our country, AKIJ is one of the largest industries. The Company design for Development. It is an issue that a business grows it faces different types of problem and by solving these problems smartly an organization can achieve it efficiently as well as gain organizational objectives. The term paper shows the major corporate social responsibility analysis of Akij Group of Industries.
The term paper has been prepared based on corporate social responsibility of Akij Group of Industries.
To show the corporate social responsibility of akij group we tried to make acquainted with the Organization. . In the first chapter, we briefly described about the Origin of the study, Objective of the study, Data collection methodology and limitations of the study. In second chapter we described about features of corporate social responsibility of Akij Group of Industries. In the third chapter we include the Company profile, vision, mission, products & services, its operation, operational area, organizational structure and sectors. In the fourth chapter, we described the corporate social responsibility of Akij group of industries. In the fifth chapter we provided the recommendation and conclusion.

Chapter | Title | Page No. |
1 | Introduction | 1-3 |
| 1.1 Origin of the study 1.2 Objectives of the study 1.3 Data collection Methodology 1.4 Limitation of the study | |
2 |  Literature part of Corporate Social Responsibility | 4-5 |
| 2.1 What is Responsibility?2.2 What is Social Responsibility?2.4 What is corporate social Responsibility? | |
3 | Akij Group of Industries | 6-10 |
| 3.1 Company profile 3.2 Vision, Mission, core values & principals3.3 Product & services3.4 Its operation & Operational Area3.5 Sectors ( Branches) | |

4 | Corporate social responsibility | 11-14 |
| 4.1 Akij Group
4.1.1. Ambulances Services 
4.1.2. Health Care Services 4.1.3. Eye Camps 
4.1.4. Drinking Water Supply 
4.1.5. Polio Camps 
4.1.6. Effluent Treatment 
4.1.7. Garbage Collection
4.1.8. Tree Planting 4.1.9. Akij Foundation School4.1.10. Ad-din Welfare Trust | |
5 | Recommendation &Conclusion | 15-17 |
Bibliography |



1.1. Origin of the Study
This report was assigned as a part of the...

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