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Ctl Sitxcom401 Oct 2015 10 Essay

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Assessment Tool - Combined
Hospitality Department
Off-campus training

Qualification code & title SIT30112 – Certificate III in Travel and Tourism
SIT30612 – Certificate III in Events
SIT30713 – Certificate III in Hospitality
SIT31212 – Certificate III in Holiday Parks and Resorts
SIT40212 - Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
SIT40812 - Certificate IV in Holiday Parks and Resorts
SIT40313 – Certificate IV in Hospitality
SIT50112 – Diploma of Travel and Tourism
SIT50212 – Diploma of Events
SIT50313 – Diploma of Hospitality
SIT60112 – Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism
SIT60212 – Advanced Diploma of Events
SIT60313 – Advanced Diploma of Hospitality
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Version: 2.0

Assessment information

Instructions to the learner
There are three parts to this assessment. Read the details of all parts before you begin.
Take note of the due dates for each part or record it as you are informed.
Type your answers to Assessment Part 1 – Activity Questions in Catapult online
Assessment Part 2 – Project is to be completed and uploaded onto Moodle
Assessment Part 3 – Observation Report will be conducted by your trainer at the date as indicated on your timetable, or by a relevant third party if applicable
If there is a case for Reasonable Adjustment, the questions can be completed orally (in person or by phone) or as a guided discussion. Discuss this with your trainer/assessor.
Discuss anything that you don’t understand with your trainer.

Time Allocated: 7 hours

Assessment cover sheet
If you are submitting a written assessment or project, you will need to complete and attach an Assessment Cover Sheet [FLA24].
When submitting your work online in Moodle, please ensure that you click on the check box, then there is no need to submit an Assessment Cover Sheet
Copying others’ work is cheating. If your work shows signs of cheating, you will be given a first and final warning, and asked to resubmit your work using your own words. Work that is not properly acknowledged is considered to be plagiarised, so make sure you understand and use the appropriate referencing conventions (refer to your Course Handbook for Learners for information about referencing).
Further cases of plagiarism will be given an NC result.
Please refer to your Course Handbook for Learners for information about:
assessment attempts
graded assessment
reasonable adjustment
special consideration.

Assessment Part 1 – Written Questions
Task Description
There are 7 questions to complete.
You are to answer ALL questions as instructed below.
Responses need to be at least one or two sentences in length, fully explaining what is asked in your own words.
On completion, submit to your assessor.
If 100% competency is not achieved, you and your trainer will have a discussion to ensure that you have the require knowledge of these questions

Question One - Identify and describe the two main types of conflict that arise in the workplace.
The two main type’s of work place conflict are the following;
Personality difference’s/clashes: Are when two (or more) people find themselves in conflict not over a particular issue or incident, but due to a fundamental incompatibility in their personalities, their approaches to things or their style of life.
Personality differences/clashes can lead into conflict of idea’s and vice versa.
Conflict of idea’s: Is when two (or more) people find themselves in disagreement with other staff members over different ideas based around the work place, may it be on how to do certain tasks, how to tackle a certain issue or problem or...

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