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Cultural Competency Essay

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The Importance of Cultural Competency in Business

Understanding the importance of cultural, ethnic, gender, and other differences in a business setting should actually be a global priority. Advanced technology has made it possible for many cultures to integrate diverse intellectual capabilities; therefore, it is imperative that businesses implement programs to enhance cultural competence and create a working environment of mutual respect. Effective business managers and professionals now recognize that economic success in business is dependent on developing cultural competency with open lines of communication between all parties and a realization that cultural differences are actually ...view middle of the document...

Most household appliances such as the mixer and vacuum cleaner were noted to have control switches located on the right side, and even the key ignition for the car was located on the right side. As dinner preparation was underway the experiment was eventually abandoned. The disability of not having use of the right hand became just too stressful during a failed attempt at using the food processor. Having experienced the actual disability the awareness of institutionalized discrimination became apparent; therefore, it is a knowledgeable assumption that instituting similar experiments in business environments could work well to promote awareness among managers, professionals, and employees.
Next, learning how to get along by understanding differences not only in cultures but individuals as well forms cohesive relationships in working environments. Cultural competence and strong diversity management does help companies effectively utilize talent and intellectual capital resulting in motivation and maximizing employee morale (Establishing a Knowledge Structure, 2008). Cultural competence should never imply that certain groups or individuals get preferential treatment. Effective business managers realize that would be counterproductive when the goal is to maximize productivity. Instead, the best objectives in reaching that goal include communication and cooperation to promote team work.
Mercedes-Benz is a company that has been successful with cultural harmony at their plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Both the Americans and Germans found that mechanisms for addressing...

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