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Cultural Convergence Essay

1606 words - 7 pages

Assessment Task 1: Argumentative Essay

Name: Farhan Ahmed
Tutorial: Wed- 2:00 to 3:00
Word Count: 1555 words

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Cultural Convergence Is Far From Reality And Differences In World Cultures Are Increasing 3
Barriers at Workplace 4
Barriers of Employment 4
Convergence and Divergence in Development 5
Effects of Multiculturalism 6
Conclusion 6
References 7


We can see traces of cultural convergence in our everyday lives such as English being established as an International language, revolution in IT and multicultural societies, differences in cultures are still strongly evident and present as pointed out by ...view middle of the document...

I believe that cultural convergence is only a hopeful thought. In reality, the world cultures are only amplifying the differences between cultures and are increasing the chances of conflict.
Cultural Convergence Is Far From Reality And Differences In World Cultures Are Increasing

The hypothesis that, cross-cultural divergence is far from reality and is only amplifying differences between cultures, can be tested by looking at various factors
Barriers at Workplace

In the context of international management and international business, managing a diversified cultural workforce is a major challenge for managers multinational companies, as they need to understand the local culture, values of the local people in order to do business in an ethical manner. According to Li and Wu 2010, 82% of the multinational companies failures are down to cross-cultural management. In addition, they also mention that about one third well known international corporations are facing the challenge of tensions internally as a result of poor management in a diverse culture. Companies lying their trade abroad is faced with the challenge of integrating culture their branches are located in, culture of their country and culture of parent company. Furthermore, they also argued that as corporate staffs come from different cultural backgrounds, the differences in they ways they think, differences in attitudes, awareness of work importance and etc. leads to company crisis.

Hofstede (1980), stated with the use of an analogy that the values instilled in people will continue to diverge as local cultures are likely to be extremely stable over time despite globalization. On the other hand as mentioned by Tung (2008) in his article that globalization will completely eradicate cultural differences in the long run but such an assumption is too far fetched and flawed.

Barriers of Employment

Mobility of labor, mainly of skilled managers and professionals are growing at an alarming rate that it has given birth to a new buzz phrase called ‘ brain circulation’ which refers to a person leaving his country of origin (COR) in order to settle in another country (COR) and only to return back to their country of origin or to move back and forth their COO and COR. These high skilled labors test the line of valid sub cultural groups and cross-cultural boundaries, which are, are they considered to expats or are they considered to host-country nationals? It is important to distinguish this group, as their individual perceptions can be very different from other expats who hold the same ethnic roots as the HCNs. On the other hand, expats who have an experience and history of living and working between 2 cultures is likely to find their values dissimilar than the HCNs who have not worked or lived abroad. Either of those groups will only create differences in the long run or create conflicts for managers and the company they are working in (Tung, 2008).

In terms of culture, if...

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