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My choice of nursing

A nurse, a health care professional who is engaged in the practice of nursing to assist the treatment, safety and recovery of acutely or chronically ill or injured people. Nurses can promote health, prevent disease, help and advocate patients, families within the community to cope with illness. A nurse should be able to speak, understand, and provide the appropriate care for people with diverse backgrounds. A nursing person can assess and identify the values, meanings, behaviors, and spiritual beliefs of people while considering their history, life experiences, social and physical environments. People can also find out about people’s ethnic background, religious ...view middle of the document...

You will gain the basic idea of how thing formed in our life such as the air in our breathe so we can benefit from it, what is the purpose of people make toxic, how the exploration be harmful in the war. These knowledge will help you to distinguish the circumstances faster in any situation and help to handle the situation properly and professionally.

Nurse classes could be varied in different nursing schools, but experience in clinical class toward workplace such as hospitals, clinics, community agencies and other health care settings to provide client care are important before get into nursing profession; therefore, internship or volunteer are the good way to learn and to adaptive into the workplace. Although the heavy accent of foreign nurses may cause the problems to doctors and clients, it does not mean that foreign nurses are lack of medical knowledge or professional abilities of being a nursing. The nursing education provides equal opportunity for everyone to gain the nursing skills. The social stereotype of foreign nurses are incorrect because of the issue during cross cultural communication. The communication ability stereotype often happened in the first time that a patient receive Medicare from a foreign nurse; however, do not be hurry to prove yourself or feel bad about it. According to

"It’s not politically correct — but it’s a frequent complaint of hospital patients in Las Vegas: 'The nurses don’t speak English!'" said Marshall Allen, an online newspaper publisher in Las Vegas. Speak for Success, a...

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