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Cultural Diversity Essay

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Culture and Diversity Final Project


* Immigration time line reflects that immigration started during the colonial era (1565-1775) and the first permanent settlement in the U.S. was by the Spanish in the now state of Florida, followed by the First shipment of African slaves in Virginia in 1619, then in the 1630’s The great migration to Massachusetts by Britons to what is now knows as new Britain, and between 1841-1850 more than 1 million people migrated to the U.S. and the timeline does not end there it goes on to describe a U.S. history full of immigration from all over the world creating the diverse nation we live in today . Immigration was ...view middle of the document...

We can continue to strengthen our nation by supporting an understanding its diversity and how that has contributed to us living on the greatest nation on earth. We can foster a climate of acceptance by educating ourselves and treating others equally, the change begins within ourselves first and with each person we become closer to a more accepting society. There is no doubt that diversity will continue to shape our future. As states in New Geography “the future United States will function as a unique "multiracial" superpower with deep familial and cultural ties to the rest of the world.” (Kotkin, 2013).
* A lot of us look to the media to keep ourselves informed of worldwide events, while some of us view it to merely keep up with what is going in and out of our country, others believe are strongly influenced by it and use it as a source to form their thoughts and opinions. The media contributes to stereotyping and prejudice by using its influence to promote stereotypes as headline news, one example is Fox news reporting in 2011 “Obama’s Hip-hop BBQ did not create jobs” or a news in 2010 titled “White kid beaten up because of slavery” These are just two examples of the media promoting division and stereotypes, It is almost like telling those that are racist and prejudice, you are right!!! By continuing to use certain verbiage the media is perpetuating stereotypes and prejudice. As a source of so much
* power and influence the media should concentrate its resources on uniting and creating social
* unity rather than division, There were other ways to approach or to phrase these headlines or they should not have been published at all, after all they don’t serve to inform or educate but as with the Obama Birthday party news, it serves to instigate and generate controversy within a already biased society.
* With the growth of interracial marriages and continuing immigration from Europe and Latin America by the year 2050 the U.S. will be very different from what it is today. It is likely there will be no such thing as a majority group and this will be due in great part to the increase in multiracial children being born today. In new geography Joel Kotkin states “Today 30 percent of the U.S. population is nonwhite; in 2050 it may be nearly 50 percent. Latino and Asian populations are expected to triple. , because of high Latino birthrates, one in five American children under the age of 5 is Hispanic; increasingly most Hispanic growth will come from the children of those born in America.”...

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