Cultural Diversity Training Program Essay

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Design Model 1

Cultural Diversity Training Program
Brenda R. Thompson
BUS 600
Prof. Richard Hassler
May 17, 2010

Design Model 2

Cultural Diversity Training Program
The design model of methods and procedures of learning is like a bridge between the “world-as-imagined” and the world-as experienced, where diversity may be a source of innovative problem solving that is combined by experience and knowledge. Learning plays an important role in the transformation of existing knowledge into new design solutions, in order to reflect organizational and human ...view middle of the document...

In other words we should train

Design Model 3
the trainer, and staff prior to training the workforce. By using these tactics we can celebrate the success among the differences of employees. Many organizations have training programs in place, but are hesitate as too where, how and who instead of focusing on training the entire workforce. Management and staff members are typically required to participate, during these times social networking can take place. In addition, to these programs incentives develop high potential minorities on a management level. Leadership skill can be assessed within about three to six months to expose those individuals with exceptional creative talent skills. Recruitment efforts are recognized by many members of management as a tool to achieve workplace diversity strategies. Recruiting qualified minorities as well as women is a significant step in supporting workplace diversity. A company’s mentoring program is an essential tool to retain talented minorities and women.
Organizations have a duty to implement the results of a cultural diversity program by developing and maintain effective diversity initiatives. Another significant aspect is accountability. Effective assessment tools can be utilized to measure and evaluate a company diversity team. Organizations can set up benchmarks in an effort to target outcomes of the diverse targets. Organization committees can set up diversity training teams which consist of members of management, division managers, and business resource teams which represent the broad list of minority groups. Networking serves as a solid foundation which helps to foster diversity initiatives.
According to (Kinicki & Kreitner, p. 77-78), the more rigorous the cross-cultural training the better. The nine competencies that should be the core of any comprehensive cross-cultural
Design Model 4
training program are building relationships with the ability to gain access to and maintain a relationship with members...

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