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Cultural Health Module Assigment Essay

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Cultural Health Module 2 Assignment
Research the area of familial health traditions selecting one “health belief practice” providing a narrative explanation. Then provide an analysis of the health belief practice in the context of how it would affect health maintenance, health protection, heath restoration and healing.


When reading about familial health traditions, the Chinese people have a long-standing history regarding matters related to health. At the core of this “health belief” is the Yin-Yang Theory.

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The Yin-Yang Theory is easily one of the most fundamental principles in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the foundation for ...view middle of the document...

Ultimately, whatever condition is present in an individual’s life, it can be thoroughly explained with the equilibrium of Yin and Yang.


Besides diagnosing health situations, the ever-delicate balance between Yin and Yang is crucial to the ongoing maintenance of good health. At the forefront of this idea is choosing the right foods to eat. Generally speaking, Yin foods are known to be cool in temperature, larger in size, have less salt but more potassium and are grown above ground. Thus, Yang foods are warmer and saltier, smaller in size and grow below the ground. However, just knowing where different foods belong is not always enough. Devout practitioners of this lifestyle also believe that in order to maintain the balance and maintenance of consistently good health, one must eat “cool” (Yin) foods when it is hot, and “hot” (Yang) foods when it is cold.

In addition, eating for balance plays an integral role in healing and restoring one’s health, further reiterating the importance of choosing the right foods to consume. The Chinese strongly believe not only do certain foods have...

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