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Cultural Perspectives Essay

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Believe it or not, the United States military has been at war for almost 12 years straight. After a long and exhausting battle in Iraq we have unfortunately entered into conflict with rebels in Afghanistan. All of this fighting and time spent in theater has taught military members many lessons. Maybe the biggest lesson learned is that we need more cultural awareness among all branches of the military. In this paper we will analyze this cultural issue and how it affects the United States military along with the people of that country. We will also identify ethical perspectives in the organization and compare these ethical perspectives across cultures involved in military operations. The ...view middle of the document...

We are talking about attempting to understand an entire countries beliefs and traditions. This is not something that will happen over night. This process could take weeks, months, or even years to only train soldiers on the basics of cultural awareness. One thing that the military will do is they will make sure any lessons learned in the Iraqi war are not repeated in Afghanistan.
The ethical perspectives that the United States military takes when interacting with other countries is both ethical and moral. For the United States military to succeed in leaderships view they must do so in a justifiable standard. The military has ethical perspectives and believes in social responsibility to do the right thing no matter what. The United States knows that racist groups exist and tensions among differing ethnic groups is a reality. Regardless of this challenge though the United States will always put in the time and personnel needed to make sure all military engagements are executed responsibly and ethically. Leaders are beginning to consider the culture now more than they did in recent years. Strategy includes knowledge of all those involved in the conflict whether they are friends or enemies. One aspect to consider is even though it might be ethical and right to strive for cultural awareness it will require time, money and personnel. All of these resources, especially the money aspect, are limited these days because of current operations and budget cuts. Trying to enact training for cultural awareness and spread throughout the branches will cost money that the military just doesn’t have right now.
To compare these ethical perspectives across the cultures involved in todays wars is like comparing complete opposites. The United States military is a global force for good and justice but the rebels and terrorist that we have fought everyday for the past 12 years are unethical and immoral. The perspectives of our enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan caused injustice, pain and unfortunately many casualties. When comparing the military’s ethical perspectives across other cultures you come down to two basic reasons why the military has focused on cultural awareness....

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