Cultural Sensitivity Essay

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“One world, one way, one way, many paths.” Well this saying cannot be defined any better in the world of cultural sensitivity. With business activities going global, the organizations are riding the waves of culture more than ever, giving cultural sensitivity an important place in dealings.
“Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands?” the international business best seller by  Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conway suggests on how to maintain international relations in different business environment. Cultural sensitivity has taken toll taking business dealings to a whole professional level.
Cultural sensitivity means being aware that cultural differences and similarities exist and have an effect on values, ...view middle of the document...

With all the definitions and importance given to cultural sensitivity above one must think if this factor is being over emphasised? Does it really make a difference? OR Do we need to follow the norms and mannerisms according to their location on this vast globe?
Yes. Culturally sensitivity and competence does make a lot of difference. If you are to make an effective and successful dealing with partners from a whole other end of the world you need to know their point of views and understandings with the environment. Communication barriers or even small misconceptions may cost the business activities greatly by time and money both. Entrepreneurs usually prepare themselves before attending meetings with colleagues on both personal and professional front. Culture being a vast in different aspects like language, political, history, faith etc many dealings may result in failure and loss. Though with advanced transport and communications technologies have enhanced the doing business with people all around the world more than ever.
One should hire professional and highly-experienced translators to encode specific localities slangs, expressions, idioms to understand the target market. And finally learn from the mistakes other businesses have made. Just like when MTV India was launched the concept was to introduce Western Pop, Rap, and Rock music to the country. Now, however the music policy has shifted to accommodate Indian genres like Bhangra.
India is a vast country with an endless diversity of cultures. Indians are fond of spicy food and put spices in almost all the food which they eat while in the Gulf countries the Arabs do not eat spicy food at all. McDonalds had introduced a new burger named ‘Mcspicy Chicken’ a year ago. The response in India was comparatively much better than the Gulf countries. Thus this...

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