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April 6, 2014
Cultural Studies/German Language
Unit 2 IP HUMA215 – 1402A – 08
Dr. Kelly Dormady
American Intercontinental University

This paper will explain the influences that Latin had on Western Language. It will also explain the origins of the vernacular language and how it spread and the native language that was chose was German.

In this introduction it will show detail about the German and there language. German is what I chose to speak on. This will also give detail about the Latin and the Vernacular language.

The language that I chose to do was German. German is one of the important languages that has more people which is native speaks. German is always in the European Union (European Language). As researching we found that most German live out in the South Region of the ...view middle of the document...

During the century the language was been used as literature, that used for personal reason. The family that German is a part of is the Indo European family (European Language). The determined knowledge it was said that the German was developed in period the love and written poetry that had something to do with love.

The German language is a very large language that is location in the Midwest. It described as a natural that is to help solve what language problem that we have in the world. The Latin influenced was a language that was spoken in most churches and the courts. German languages is a languages that is estimed about 95 – 100 million native speakers it is one of the world’s most major languages. It is also one of the most widely spoken first languages that are in the European Union (European Languages).

Latin languages was influenced by other kind of native languages that included Celtic languages, Greek and also Etruscan which was student in the determined knowledge course in the class (Editional Board). The language was developed because it was a significant difference for each time period. The difference was literary language and spoken language of those that was highly educated and the less educated. Vernacular became the most powerful of ethnic identity.

Latin did have an influence on Western language development. The Western languages was descended from Latin and spoken in Italy, Frances, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. Latin influence many non-Romance languages which was English. There came a change in the Vernacular language it began to be used in the religion area where it became very helpful for that area. During the 12th century there were writers that use the languages as part of their poetry which was an important part for them.

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