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Culture And The Arts Essay

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Culture is “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively” (Webster). Culture is everything that makes up a person and their entire way of life. There are many different cultures but most cultures have a the “basics” in common. Culture is made up of language, economics, social status, political/government, education, arts and religion. Many cultures of today also include technology. Language is based on where you or your family were born. Economics is based on money, occupation, family lineage, etc. Social Status is mostly based on economics. Government and education is based on where you live. Art and religion can be either based on where you are from or personal preference. Art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to ...view middle of the document...

The relationship between culture and art is simple. Every culture is different but still is made up of the same things. Every piece of art is different but is made up of the same things as well. In every culture you have a family. Your family is the basis of your culture. In art everything starts with an idea. How you put that idea into the universe is up to you but it starts in the mind. That brings me to the role of the artist. The roll of the artist is to use his or her medium and style in order to convey a chosen purpose.

Culture is consisting of learned ways of acting, feeling, and thinking. It is a powerful human tool that consists in everyone’s life. The five major components of culture would be language, values, symbols, beliefs, and norms. Language would be the system of symbols that allows us all to communicate with each other. Values are a set of standards we use to access different things about each other and serve as guidelines to social living. Symbols are anything that serves as meaning to people of the same society. Beliefs consist of specific statements a society holds to be true. The norm would be rules or guidelines a society uses for its members. Art is known as the process or product of purposely arranging certain elements in ways that affect one’s sense or emotion. Visual art is defined as art work; it can be a painting, photograph, or sculpture. Visual art usually appeals to the visual sense and appears in a permanent form. Music is a verbal form of art with vocal tones structured in a continuous manner. Architecture is the art or designing and constructing buildings or structures. Literature is an art of written work that can be composed of a language, period, or a culture; usually of artistic value.
The role of an artist is to present their artwork in a form that is appealing to society. They bring forth their views of society or situations in their art. Their role is almost as if to entertain. Culture plays a large role in artists work. Their beliefs, values, language, etc. is transformed in their works of art.

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