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Culture Diversity Essay

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Vice Presidential Candidate
Sarah Palin
This article of Governor Sarah Palin is about her position on diversity. As the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has a mix of population. In Alaska, the issue of race relations usually focuses on Alaska Natives, who make up 18 percent of the population. Blacks, make up 4 percent. Alaska minorities question Sarah Palin on diversity. This article tries to show how Sarah Palin has ignored some minority groups and neglected others.
A quote from the article: "She has no sensitivity to minorities," said the Rev. Alonzo Patterson, a Baptist minister and president of the Alaska Black Leadership Conference. "She's really inciting a lot of African-Americans to get out and vote."
The article has many quotes from some disgruntled African-American church leaders. These church leaders are questioning Sarah Palins stand on culture and diversity in Alaska and the whole U.S.
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Instead each school adopts its own writing and ELA curriculum. What I have inquired in the short period I have been in this district is that the high school I am at does not have a writing program in place and is using Prentice Hall Literature for all 4 grade levels. Resource Materials from Prentice Hall are being used as extra or supplemental work. Students who are EL’s are using a program called Visions by Thomson Hienle.
Our high school is currently using a combination of Prentice Hall Literature resources for all ELA students. There is no evidence of a structured writing program, but I have heard that next school year there will be. The writing program I am currently using with my students is 6+1 Traits of Writing by Ruth Culham. My students have responded well this past week with some lessons I used from this book. The book is intended for primary grades, but my students are so low they are benefiting from relearning some of the material they might have learned in grade school.
Our high school also uses an ELD program called Visions. I have used some of the supplemental materials for this curriculum in my class with my students because the material is at reading grade level for most of my students. There is some writing prompts that are appropriate at the end of chapters for students to respond that I feel are challenging for my students, due to the lack of writing strategies they don’t posses. I feel like the 6+1 Traits of writing will help my students out along with some Step-Up-To-Writing strategies that can be mixed in.
Overall I found out that both of the High Schools in the district have students who are coming in as freshmen that can not successfully write a grade appropriate paragraph or essay. I hope that all teachers in all grade levels and subjects realize that our students need to be able to write daily with correct mechanics and language. It is hard for me to read a journal entry of some of my students with words being written down as if they were texting a friend. I believe that the school district needs a unified writing curriculum in place.

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