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Cultural Globalization
Culture, Identity, and Globalization, for quite sometime, has been the topic of discussion. Generally culture is perceived as “the way of life” of a person, from language, imagination, arts, music, patterns of eating, and images such as dress and conceptions of beauty are all added into the set of norms, beliefs and values that form the culture. It is important to understand identity because we are faced with the challenge of accepting and appreciating other culture systems in order to avoid ethnic nationalism and hostility. Everyone has a natural idea of what cultural identity is, just like anybody else I can tell you about my ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, culture is a process that is in continual flux because of its reliance on human learning and communication. Yet its transcendence from the present to the future often goes without notice. It is like the “white” noise that frequently clutters our favorite radio or television programs and that occasionally works itself into our everyday consciousness. It is only when we can compare our radio and television reception with that of our neighbor’s can we discern a marketed difference, one that sometimes stirs us to action. It is the same with cultures.
What about “Globalization”? In our week nine reading, according to National Geographic, “Globalization is the connection of different parts of the world… that results in the expansion of international cultural, economic, and political activities. Globalization brings out the increasing of diversity in products, ideas, beliefs, values, knowledge, customs, and the like. This diversity, in turn, results in an expanding array of things for people to pick from in their continual struggle to make a better life for themselves and their family, an array from which people can begin to choose in very similar ways, thus making people more and more similar.
For example Bosnians in Sarajevo and Tuzla are no different than Chinese in Guangzhou and Hangzhou. Although American delicacies like hotdogs and hamburgers have not replaced Cevapi (Bosnian National Dish) and seafood dumplings, other aspects of American culture have been made available to Bosnians and Chinese, things that they have taken advantage of: films, music, the English language, and American political and moral ideals. Forget about every Bosnian and Chinese looking and acting like Americans. It just will not happen. Some aspects of the cultures in the Balkans and Asia are too deeply embedded for Americans culinary tastes and preferences in apparel to have much of an impact. Yet American cinema and music are extremely powerful forces that have made fans worldwide. Furthermore, there is the language itself and the political and moral ideals of freedom, democracy, equality, and fairness that are being learned and adopted by many in the hope that they will lead to a better life. The dream of many students is to study in the U.S. or to be able to live in their own country in much the same way that Americans live in there’s, governing themselves in peace and prosperity.
However, the fear of American consumer culture and way of life sweeping the world is somewhat overstated. History, religion, and language are crucial to the identities of those living in the Balkans and elsewhere. Their imprint on the consciousness of people makes certain aspects of their cultures more resistant to some foreign influences.
Globalization can contribute to the...

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