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Culture Of The Mox Essay

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Running Head: Culture of the MOX Project

Culture of the MOX Project
Andrea Brack
Organizational Behavior
Curtis Todd
March 18, 2013
Culture of the MOX Project
When I think of the MOX Project, I see it as a cake with many layers. All of them different in there own way, and necessary to constitute calling it a cake. The same vision can be seen in the different cultures that reside in any business. Just as cake has many different layers, layers may be found in the culture of an organization. Some of the characteristics of an organization's culture can be readily observed, while others remain more subtle and hidden. Three levels of culture interact with one another and ...view middle of the document...

Next there are espoused values (or the icing on the cake) which are defined as values that are expressed on behalf of the organization or attributed to an organization by its senior managers in public statements (Khandelwal, K., & Mohendra, N., 2010). These values can be seen in our projects monthly National Nuclear Security Administration report. Which highlights what our project goals were, schedule, and accomplishments. This is a publicly published document that documents our accomplishments. This monthly document gives a physical picture of what each sub culture within our large project culture has accomplished. It gives the employee physical proof that all of their hard work is seen and can be measured.
Finally there are enacted values within organizations or the values and norms exhibited as employee and managerial behaviors (Baack, 2012). I consider this the decorations on the cake. This could mean a single employee going above and beyond their job title to help other’s within or outside of the company itself. A good example of this type of behavior would be my admin assistant. She is charged with a lot in just her daily responsibilities, but if she is called upon; or even of her own motivation; to get something extra done, or to help someone out she is there. Many times she doesn’t even have to be asked and she goes above and beyond what is technically her job description to help others within the work group or the project. Just those simple actions she takes that are above and beyond exemplify everything our company strives to instill in all of its...

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