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Culture Paper

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Cultural CompetencesAdrian RiversUniversity of PhoenixCultural Competences PaperWhat is culture? Culture can be defined as "beliefs, customs, and arts of a particular group of individuals" ("Culture - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary"). Culture for most is a way of life and what is seen as norms within that group. Everyone has some type of cultural background and as human services professional it is important to recognize an individuals culture.Cultural competence in the field is important for human service professionals to understand the populations that they work with. By being aware of the culture ...view middle of the document...

In the video it discussed some of the taboo things for the Asian Americans that are taboo such as looking people in the eye especially if it is authority figure. The video also speaks on expressing yourself to strangers in the Asian American culture this is seen as unacceptable in their culture. The little things about an individual culture are important to the understanding why an individual reacts to certain situations.Based on the issues named above that a professional should be aware of there are several methods in which a professional can use. One method a professional can use is homework giving a client material or questions to have them reflect on there culture. Homework can also involve other people, which can bring a perspective of the culture of the individuals around the client. This can provide time for the professional to learn more about the individual and cultural norms and relate them to some of the issues a person is suffering from.Another strategy a professional can use is modeling in traditional counseling it is taboo to open up to clients about personal situation however sometimes this is a useful way to model sharing of feeling and how to be vulnerable. Clients sometimes struggle relating to professional and when a professional expresses a personal relation to a issue a client is going through it makes that individual more open to talking about more problems and issues. Modeling was shown within the video the professional spoke with the client about going through a similar situation with family and how that felt for him. The professional showed the client that not only could he relate to what she is going through, he also model the appropriate ways of expressing feelings. By the use of the strategies and being able to know more about the client a professional can start to relate what positives a client has within there own culture.One of the strategies mention above is homework. This strategy is one way a professional can get the client working with others to identify attributes of ones culture. After this strategy has been utilized the professional can bring to the forefront some of the positives noted by the homework. One way a professional can bring about the positives of a culture is to during the course of conversation acknowledge the small positives in the culture. One may use a comparison between the pros and cons...

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