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Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time

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Yeah funny you should say that, actually, it was quite difficult to construct this story. I knew there was a story, but the more difficult puzzle was i wanted the whole book to be in Christopher’s voice, but the paradox is that if Christopher was real he would find it very hard, if not impossible, because of his differences, to write a book in the first place. It took me a while to come up with this idea, but i came up with the idea of Christopher being a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories. This way, he didn’t have to put himself in the mind of the reader.
The first distinctively unique feature that would make this movie a block buster hit is that of the crime fiction genre. The crime fiction ...view middle of the document...

Christopher knows all the countries of the world and their capital cities as well as every prime number up to 7507. His use of prime numbers becomes evident in the distinct way he numbers his chapters. One chapter is about the unfolding of the story, whereas the next chapter explores the aspects of his inner mind, not directly relevant to the unfolding of the story. He relates well to animals but has no understanding at all of human emotions. Everyday interactions and communications have little meaning for him.
His language is simple and direct but when his emotions grow too strong- such as when he discovers his mother is alive or when he travels to London by himself – his stress and anxiety manifest itself in a more physical manner, such as getting sick or blacking out. This is shown by the use of run on sentences. For Christopher as a 15 year old child to pack his bags and travel to London by himself would take despicable courage. The fact that he suffers from autism, yet puts on a brave face to this big wide world in amazing and inspiring. It shows that no one is perfect and no matter whom you are or what may be the problem, you can just like Christopher be happy and not take even the littlest things for granted.
The next unique feature that i believe will capture the attention of so many is that fact that Christopher has a disability. But to Christopher as far as he is concerned we are the ones with the disability not him. Christopher is smarter than your average everyday human and his perception of life is actually quite amazing. He takes us on a journey through his eyes of what life is like living with a disability and shows us his perspective on life. There are really two different kinds of people living in this world. The ones with the disabilities and the one without. You ask any person with a disability and they will tell you exactly the same thing Christopher does, that we are the ones with the disability not them. Which really makes the responders think about taking a new look at how they perceive different situations.
Christopher reveals the child-like nature and has a complete lack of awareness of the consequences of his actions, which makes us, like Siobhan his teacher, want to protect him. His isolations from the rest of the world, which is revealed through his comments about yearning for silence and confinement in small, safe places, challenge our perception of life as being about close social connections to friends and family. “So I would love to be an astronaut on my own, and know there was no one else near me for thousands and thousands of miles.” In the film we assume that Siobhan is a teacher’s aid working at the school and Christopher takes a liking to her and opens up. In the film to further emphasis how important Siobhan is to Christopher i would make her his counsellor. I believe that this could be an effective way so show how autistic children can form...

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