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Current Ethics Paper

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Current Ethics Paper
April 15, 2012
Rebecca Montano

Current Ethics Paper

The virtual organization I am writing about is Baderman Island Resort. Baderman Island resort is a self-contained, all-inclusive resort destination. The island features an array of restaurants, three different hotels to meet your individual needs, and an almost unlimited list of activities to entertain and relax you. The resort was built with everything anyone would want for rest and relaxation. The resort is a perfect destination for everyone from family vacationer to corporate retreats, the possibilities are endless.
This paper will address three ethical and moral issues that Baderman Island ...view middle of the document...

This could lead to injuries to guest or staff in case of another or larger storm. The owners have a moral obligation to inform management in regard to the equipment.
There were several posts on the Islands blog by guest and employees with concerns about the power outage. The employees who posted did not believe the power outage had anything to do with the storm. Management; who has no knowledge of the faulty equipment issue, tried to reassure everyone that it was a freak weather occurrence not likely to repeat itself. A blogger also posted on Baderman blog about a blog they had read regarding sewage dumping by the resort. The substandard plumbing equipment could be the reason. The resort has a botanical garden, if the EPA becomes involved it could cause problems for the resort and become costly for the owners.
Data Security
The resort has an online reservation system and kiosks are in the hotels that guest can use to make and change reservations and purchase tickets. There is information on the blogs about individuals who have been over-charged that used these services. Although management has fixed the billing errors and is offering any guest that uses the online reservation system 10% off their bill if they book in the month of March, they have not stated if the problem has been corrected. The billing errors are an ethical issue although the company corrected the billing errors of the guest that said something there could be thousands of others who were over charged. The company needs to do a complete review of every guest bill to see if others were overcharged and correct any billing errors. The company has a moral obligation to inform their entire previous guest to check their billing statements for any errors.
The company should also do a systematic check of their online reservation systems and kiosks to ensure none of their guest information was released. The company has a moral obligation to inform their guest of any irregularities they find.
Deceptive Pricing Tactics
“Correct pricing decisions can be a matter of commercial life and death.” ...

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