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Current Event Essay

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Apple vs. Microsoft
Current Event
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Great developments are constantly forming for Apple. Customers, like myself, who may own an iPad or iPhone; but are still PC users will be excited about Apple’s new launch.
In The New York Time’s article, Apple Exploits Microsoft Hesitation on Office, information surfaced of a new productivity app called iWork. This application is free to anyone who purchases a new Mac computer, mobile device or iPad. Although iWork is not a new product, it was not much competition for Microsoft Office.
Microsoft was reported working on an iPad version of Office in the past, and for unnoted reasons, the application has ...view middle of the document...

Microsoft sells an annual subscription to Office for $100 per year. Microsoft also charges $120 for those wanting to upgrade Windows 7 PCs to Windows 8.1.
​In marketing, it is important to understand the power of the technological force. This application of knowledge assists in companies performing more efficiently, and also builds revenue. Today’s culture thrives on relevant and new technology, out with the old and in with the new. The innovation and technical forces of Red Box and Netflix, with the refusal of technological change in Block Buster, created a major shift in how people today watch movies.
​Instead of Apple continuing to wait, and negotiate with Microsoft, for the iPad version of Office, they took matters into their own hands. The idea of creating an application similar to Office, was innovative, strategic, and soon the public will know if it is profitable. If, Apple was to wait on Microsoft, another company may create software, competing with Office, more intriguing than iWorks.
There is also a competitive force within this battle of Apple and Microsoft. The Tablet, offers a brand competition to the iPad. Applications individuals use for PCs are similar to the...

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