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Current Event Article
The 2012 Presidential race and beyond dealt with some of the most controversial issues that has confronted a campaign in some time. One issue in particular that has been on the negotiation table since the beginning of the Presidential campaign is Immigration Reform.
In this article, this writer will discuss the ongoing tug-of-war negotiation process of putting this bill into law.
Immigration reform is a widely used term to describe proposals to increase legal ...view middle of the document...

At the heart of immigration reform negotiations is house speaker John Boehner.
The negotiation technique used in this situation is “The Agent of Limited Authority” where House Speaker John Boehner uses the republican party as a shield to say to the President “I’m not at liberty to make that concession” which in-turn eases the burden of decision-making on Boehner. The strategy is Competitive Strategy (Win to Lose) because it deals with resources, gains, profits, etc. and the big gain in immigration reform is voter’s support.
The Washington Post reports in a recent article…”This much we know: The White House and Senate Democrats will keep applying pressure on Boehner to act on immigration. President Obama’s planned remarks are the latest example of his plan. The speaker will be feeling external and internal pressure to move ahead on immigration. But he will also feel pressure from conservatives to oppose it. Here’s the thing, though: Boehner listened to the right flank of his conference in the fiscal fight, and the path was politically destructive for his party. That’s enough to believe he will at least entertain the possibility of turning the hard-liners out a bit more this time around.” .
There are so many reasons why immigration reform is still at the negotiating table. However, there is not enough paper in the world to write them all down. Here are five just to name a few:
1. Bipartisanship necessary in Senate, not the House
2. ...

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