Current Issues In Vietnum Essay

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Current issues in Vietnam
According to The Japan News, Vietnam has filed a legal suit that is aimed at opposing the Chinese claim on the waters that are off the coast of Vietnam. The Vietnamese prime minister said that the country is seeking for the appropriate time to file the motion (Army Times). Taking a legal action is the measure and reaction that the country aims at after a series of disputes between the owners of the waters of the two countries. There is tension and standoff between the two countries after China claimed to have the right to drill oil off the Vietnamese coast. Therefore, the area around the deep sea rig was to be ...view middle of the document...

An open conflict would have catastrophic economic effects on the performance of the two countries. According to the Dung, the prime minister of Vietnam, approximately two thirds of the world’s maritime trade passes through the South China Sea. This means that a fight over the control and ownership of the region is a global issue more than it is a national concern. 15% of Vietnamese global trade results from trading with China (Army Times). This means that the national sovereignty of the country is more influenced by the economic ties between the two countries. As a result, this puts the prime minister in a tight position; should he grant the wishes of the citizens and proceed with the legal suit or put the interests of the country before-hand? The project growth of the Vietnamese economy by 5.42% as compare to 2013 would be greatly influenced by China (News). However, the dispute in the sea does not augur well with the performance of the Vietnamese economy and drastic measures have to be put in place to ensure that the negative impact experienced in some sectors of the economy is reduced (Army Times).
“Dung calls for a stronger voice against China by the USA” ( As a super power, the United States is expected to intervene and effect regional stability and peace in a more effective contribution. The actions of China are cited as examples that are destabilizing the region of the southern boarder coast. In its defense, the people’s republic of China claims it wants a “sea of peace, friendship and cooperation” (Reuters). However, the recent act and claims of control of the southern China sea can be termed as acts of violence that are destabilizing national and international cooperation. Vietnam has been pushing for a diplomatic approach towards solving the issue of control in this region. It demands that the Chinese government withdraw its armies and the oil rig placed within the region. Other countries that have a political impact within the region have not been left behind in the quest of addressing the issue. According to the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, his country is committed to “thoroughly maintain the freedom of navigation and freedom of the flight. (Shimbun)”
History may be at the verge of repeating itself. In 1979, Vietnam was...

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