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Current Status Of Fastener Antidumping & Countervailing Investigation & Measures In 2015

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Industry Focus

Current Status of
Fastener Antidumping &
Countervailing Investigations &
Measures in 2015
by Gang Hao Chang, Fastener World Inc.

In recent years, many fastener
companies from emerging countries
with advantages of low-cost
labor force, sufficient materials
supply, addition of state-of-the-art
machines and facilities from other
advanced countries, and support
of their governments’ favorable
export policies, are not only able to
fully satisfy their domestic
industrial demand for
fasteners, but are also very
active in expanding their
businesses to other markets
around the world. Advanced
countries in Europe and
the U.S. are their main
targets for ...view middle of the document...

40/2010) of Chinese Department
of Commerce. Such a seemingly
retaliative reaction and attitude
significantly highlight the continuously

increasing trade disputes between
the EU and China.
In July 2011, the Dispute
Settlement Body of WTO ruled that
the antidumping measures the EU
imposed against certain fasteners
imported from China violated the
trade regulations of WTO. Although
the EU determined to reduce the
antidumping duty for non-cooperating
suppliers from 85%
to 74.1% in 2012, most
companies in the fastener
industry still think that
it is too high and is not
in correspondence with
the actual fact. In 2013,
China lodged a complaint
to WTO, requesting the
EU should completely and
immediately adjust its illegal
measures, which, as claimed
by China, must be canceled.
In 2015 WTO’s panel for the
same issue reported that the
antidumping measure the EU
currently imposes against certain
carbon steel fasteners from China
still violates the trade regulations of
WTO. China expressed its welcome to
the result, but the EU seemed to have
a different thought and once again
submitted its appeal to WTO on Sep.
9. It is obvious that the EU’s attitude
on imposing antidumping measures
on Chinese fasteners will not change
in the short term. In an email I wrote
to EFDA President Dr. Volker Lederer


Industry Focus

for inquiring the antidumping issue of Chinese carbon steel
fasteners, he clearly said that there is currently no info
regarding the cancelation or reduction of the antidumping
duties in Europe.
Chinese carbon steel fasteners export has been
influenced in Europe as well as in Canada. According to the
ruling of Canadian International Trade Tribunal made this
January, Canada has extended the antidumping measures
against certain carbon steel fasteners imported from
China and Taiwan for 5 more years and Chinese carbon
steel fasteners will also be subject to countervailing
Effective from
Mar. 2015
(valid for 5 years)

Carbon steel fasteners

In addition to advanced countries, some emerging
countries have also imposed certain measures (e.g.,
increasing import taxes for certain products or
relaunching sunset reviews) to protect their domestic
manufacturing. The sunset review Mexico launched this
July against certain carbon steel nuts from China and
the still effective protective measure (duty rate at 11.6%)
Russia imposes on Chinese carbon steel screws/nuts are
both examples.
Tables below show the current status of fastener
related antidumping/countervailing measures (updated as
of 2015) for reference of the industry.

Countries Involved


China, Malaysia

Involving carbon steel fasteners imported from
China and transshipped via Malaysia. Valid for 5
years. Lower duties for cooperating suppliers and up
to 74.1% for others

Feb. 2012

Screws and bolts


The EU determined that Indian suppliers did
receive subsidies from...

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