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My current understanding of Counselling and Psychotherapy and its potential for change in the lives of clients.

The following essay will explain my current understanding of Counselling and Psychotherapy and its potential for change in the lives of clients. As I am not a professional Counsellor or Psychotherapist I am reliant on my own personal experience and the research I have undertaken.
Life is very busy for us these days. Most of the time we manage well enough with day-to-day things until something in life stops us. This might be something that happens directly to us or around us and we simply do not know how to cope. At this point, it is quite normal to ask advice from family, ...view middle of the document...

The true issue is that they have suffered sexual abuse. Because they may have been told not to tell anyone, using drugs is a way of dealing with the shame and guilt of what happened to them. Therefore helping the client deal with the issues around the abuse potentially, the drug use will decrease or stop and the sense of shame and guilt will ease, if not disappear completely.
There are different types of therapy some of which I am familiar. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness both of which I would like to discuss in this essay. I would also like to touch on Systemic Therapy. I am however aware that there are other types of therapy available to clients, and the choice of therapy can depend of the client and type of concern they have. Whilst working with an individual or group of people it can be common to use more than one type of method. In my personal experience, counselling provides an opportunity to explore and understand emotions and feelings and thoughts in a safe environment.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT as it is normally known as can be described generally as taking the large unmanageable problem and breaking it up into smaller more manageable pieces.
“CBT has been effective for stress-related ailments, phobias, obsessions, eating disorders, and major depression (sometimes when combined with drug treatment).” (BACP, 2014)
Typically, CBT starts with the therapist creating a good rapport with the client. This can be achieved by asking questions about the problem, for example, when it might have started, how it has become worse and how it is affecting day-to-day matters. Careful listening and observing is very important and it can be helpful to build a history in order to understand the client better and to be able to empathise with them. During the initial assessment is good to summarise frequently in order to show a caring and professional approach this also promotes a state of safety and trust. At the end of the initial assessment when the problem has been identified, it is common in CBT work to create a structured systematic plan. At this point, the therapist will conclude with a discussion of what is expected from the client, the amount of sessions and what the potential outcome will be.
A good example of how CBT can work is as follows:
A mother came to counselling to control her anger with her teenage son. When asked about the last time she lost her temper she described coming home after a particularly difficult day at work and being in a physically and mentally exhausted state. Discovering that everyone at home was busy doing their own thing, and the house cluttered with all their bits and pieces, she made the evening meal without saying a thing to her family. Feeling now tired and resentful, after the meal she asked her son to clear the table to which he announced he had other things to do. At this point she had an automatic mental reaction about ‘how lazy and unhelpful he was’ which...

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