Curricular Planning Essay

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Curricular Planning

Nova Southeastern University
February 3, 2013
a. Identify the subject area and target grade level:
This unit is designed for 5th grade students in Social Studies.
b. Unit theme and supporting rationale: When students receive information from a person that has actually experienced events in an era they are more prone to enjoy and participate in the activities. Being able to hear accounts from a key resource creates significance and allows students to encounter real world scenarios. There is a retired WWII veteran by the name of Helen Denton, who comes to the school to speak to the 5th graders ...view middle of the document...

Learning outcomes – Students will describe major events in the war in both Europe and the Pacific; including Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, D-Day, VE and VJ Days, and the Holocaust. They will give details identifying the dates, what was the cause of the incident and country was involved. Students will be able to demonstrate the social impact of World War II on a variety of groups of people and provide how during this time the attitudes changed toward women in the workplace.
f. Content overview- Provide a description of the content including the following:
a. Key concepts to be learned. The students will learn the major results of the following battles of World War II: Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, and D-Day. They will understand the impact socially, politically, and economically on the different countries.
b. Curricular integration- Identify the relevant subject areas that you plan to integrate. Reading and writing will be integrated across the curriculum. Students will write an essay, read information from multiple print or digital sources, write and/or speak about the subject knowledgeably, and conduct short research projects that use several sources (including internet).
c. Include a concept web (graphic organizer)
1941 1944 1945
Japan bombs Pearl Harbor Invasion of Normandy Battle of Iwo Jima
United States declares war (D-Day) Battle of Okinawa
on Japan
g. Accommodations: The teacher providing research guides for these students in order to aid them with incorporating facts and details into their responses will meet students with disabilities needs. ELL students will be provided graphic organizers/research guides to help them plan for their research, while also incorporating the key vocabulary words/meanings in the model as well. In addition, all students will be provided a rubric to ensure that the expectations are clear. This will be conducted in the small group setting with no more than 10 students. Key vocabulary and key concepts will be presented using the 21st century technology, learning maps, graphic organizers and thinking maps. Students will have guest speakers and videos to increase knowledge of WWII. To assist the students in advancing to mastery the teacher will check for understanding often. The students will make KIM models, Frayer models and picture vocabulary cards to introduce/study new vocabulary and concepts. The teacher will assign small groups to work together and conduct one on one instruction for those who are having difficulty. A KWL chart will be created as a whole class to provide background information. The teacher will also scaffold all material to ensure all students are successful.
h. Learning resources and materials-

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