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Custody Battle Essay

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 Hi, my name is Matthew W Beatson and I am Lance Lewis’ older biological brother. This letter is to introduce myself, bring my concerns of Lance’s living situation to light, and inform you of what I would like to happen and how it would better Lance and his future.
As I mentioned, I would like to introduce myself. I am currently serving in the United States Marine Corps as a Private First Class/E-2. I enlisted at the age of 17 and left for boot camp, July 13, 2015, one month after I graduated high school on June 6, 2015. My MOS, job, in the Corps is classified as an aircraft mechanic. The Marine Corps is a big brotherhood/sisterhood and it has taught me that the number one thing is to look out for one another and what I am trying to do here is look out for Lance. It has also taught me to be more mature and ...view middle of the document...

I have also been told that when his father, Carl Lewis, tries to set up a visitation with him there are always excuses of why it can’t be done which in my eyes is completely wrong because the goal is for them to reconnect in order for Lance to move back home. It has also been brought to my attention by our sister, Breanna Faye, that Felicia has been smoking marijuana and that is not something I want around my family. Also the area she lives in is the worst known area in North Charleston for drugs, such as Marijuana, Crack, and Cocaine.
The solution that I have in mind is to have him placed in my custody until the problem that Lance and his father are having is resolved. If the problem is unable to be resolved I would like to gain full custody of him. When these problems with him and his father started his father contacted me to see if being in contact with biological family members would help out while I was a senior in high school. He came up for a weekend and I took Lance out and spent time with him away from Carl. Lance and I started to bond instantly and I have no debt in my mind that there would be any problems with him living with me. The reason behind this is he is family and I would like to keep him with family. I also think Lance living on a military facility would teach him to be more mature and help out with his behavioral problems such as being respectful toward his elders and peers. He would also be able to get better counseling and health treatment on base. The schools would also be 100% better than the ones he would be attending living with Felicia. I know this first hand because I went to school near the area she lives in and know how the school districts are in that particular area. I also have the weekends off so I could make trips whether they are all the way to Bluffton, SC or just halfway to visit his father. His father would also be more than welcome to come to base for visitations as well.

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