Customer Gap And Provider Gap Of Qubee

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Assignment on customer gap and provider gap of QUBEE

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Executive summary: This assignment topic is about choosing a service organization to analyze customer gap, to find the factors that causes customer gap and to give solutions to reduce or eliminate customer gap. We have chosen Qubee wireless broadband internet service provider to analyze its customer gap. Qubee provides both corporate services for offices, organizations etc. and individual customer services. But here we have considered only the individual customer services.
Customer gap: Occurs when there is difference between expected service and perceived service.
Expected service: ...view middle of the document...

Perceived service: instead customers get low internet speed at high price and most of the time inconstancy in service provided by Qubee.
Because now in Bangladesh we have so many broadband internet providers that are serving customers in local, region or district basis. Almost all of them provide high speed broadband services at low price than Qubee. For example: 2 mbps unlimited internet of Qubee is 5000 tk whereas link3 provides 2.5 mbps internet at 2000 tk only. And as for wireless internet people uses wi-fi router so wireless broadband provided by Qubee is not a big issue for the customers as wireless internet is so much available.
Provider gap:
Gap 1 or Listening gap: Gap between customer expectations and company perception of customer expectations. It is clearly visible from the above analysis that Qubee don’t know or have unclear perception on customer expectations.
Factors causing listening gaps and solutions:
1. Inadequate marketing research and orientation: Insufficient customer research, research not focused on service quality and inadequate use of market research. As a result they do not understand that customer want high speed with low price.
2. Lack of upward communication: Lack of interaction between management and customers, insufficient communication between contact employees and managers and too many layers between contact personnel and top management. As a result it is difficult for managers to take customer centered decisions.
3. Insufficient relationship focus: focus on new customer rather than relationship between existing customers. In this new era of marketing customers are at the center of the company customers’ expectations should be met for sustainable business and according to the 80-20 rule company must first concern about the existing customers first.
4. Inadequate service recovery: Lack of encouragement to listen to customers’ complaints, failure to make amends when things go wrong and lack of prompt recovery mechanism in place for service failure. It is very usual for services to fail. Qubee’s services also fails area wise here and then.

Solution for Gap 1:
1. A proper survey on what internet connection seekers likely to get from internet service should be conduct.
2. Now a days it is very easy to conduct survey on internet. Facebook page is a good source.
3. By questioning your existing customers you may also know what customers want from Qubee. Qubee has customer login in the Qubee website which is accessible to their current customers. They can conduct survey on existing customers’ expectations. By knowing that they might as well will have a great idea about overall market segment.
4. Qubee does give a variety of offers to their existing customers but still it is very hard for them to retain existing customers. Because it is obviously beneficial to get customers more loyal but if you don’t maintain the core demand of the customers just adding some promotional...

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