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Customer Knowledge Essay

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Customer knowledge is the most important requirement. Customers need the
right to use corporate files on any device, with the skill to stay
productive from any location, at any time. Cooperation with
coworkers and associates should be natural, fast, and easy. To enable
this group effort and improve decision making, users must be able
to create, ingest, and share data without any restrictions across
a range of plans and environments. And social media plays a huge
role: This once-personal technology experience has moved directly
into the work environment as a true collaboration tool. Customers rely on it
for mass-sourced decision making, peer friends and networking,
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Challenge Meets Opportunity
For IT, all of these changes need a shift in style that focuses on
delivering an improved newer technology will impact
computing in the future by making daily tasks simpler, in addition to
being completed without great effort on our part. The new technology
will have advanced so far that there will be no need for human contact for
even the most simple of transactions. The operation of cash amongst
human to human by bodily interaction will be changed by technology. A
perfect illustration of this is the toll booths and the workers going in and out
of major cities, there are some lanes
where currency is still recognized and there are a few lanes with an automatic
operation that is withdrawn automatically from a routed bank account.
This ever growing type of technology will made such an
impression that all of the currency accepted lanes will have changed to
this automated operation, leaving thousands from corner to corner the nation without jobs.
The effect computing will bring to the future is most important. I am optimistic about all
the changes that are taking place.
I personally look onward to innovative technology and all of the information it will

Specific groups like the elderly will panic over this new technology
and the effect that computing will have on their upcoming lifestyles because the affect
will be universal, whether we like it or not. . The newer technology and the impact computing will have on the future will have the capabilities to be
able to detect the understanding of complex patterns and grids. I don’t know
for sure what the imminent and the cutting-edge technology will bring, but I...

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