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Customer Relationship Management Essay

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1. Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important concept of modern marketing. It is a model for managing a company’s connections with existing and upcoming customers and maintaining profitable customer relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction.
Nowadays, significant changes are occurring in the ways companies relate to their customers. Big corporations are using Interactive customer relationships to reach their carefully selected customers, and new technologies have changed the marketing relationships in which customers interact with companies. Email, Web sites, Cell phones, Blogs, Social Networks are all new Internet capabilities that help ...view middle of the document...

In a reference group with direct influence, many characters may be part of the purchase decision: The initiator, the influencer, the decider, the buyer and the user.
Family groups are considered to be the most important buying organizations within a given society. For example in Morocco, the wife is usually the primary buyer for the family unit, primarily in the product categories of food, household products and clothing.

Social class influences many aspects of our lives. Different social classes will tend to desire different categories of products as part of their consumer buyer behavior.  For example, an upper middle class consumer will tend to buy luxury cars Mercedes Benz or BMW, whereas a consumer from middle to lower income groups will go with a Hyundai or even a Kia.
3. A manufacturer of tents and camping equipment may create value experiences for consumers by first being successful in sales, and this success depends on the ability of its salesperson to make themselves affable in order to create a positive experience for customers.
The Salespersons of the manufacturer should love what they sell, the company they work for and the customers they serve because customers always prefer to buy from sales people who believe in the products they sell and the companies they work for. Besides, being honest, open and empathetic to the customers’ needs will help any salesperson to build an excellent reputation, and when customers remember that, it is very good for the manufacturer name.
Customer value is the relationship between the customers perception of benefits they will derive from a purchase compared to the price that will be paid. Thus, building a unique customer experience is one of the best ways to accomplish maintainable progress for the manufacturer, and an enthusiastic customer service will not only fascinate customers but keep them around, pleased and happy.
A distinctive and charming advertising campaign can also be a good strategy to deliver value for customers before creating value experiences with them.
4. Companies nowadays realize that they can’t attract all buyers...

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