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Great Customer Relationships

How do companies create and maintain great customer relationships? If you don’t know the answer to that but have always been curious, continue reading this blog.
After working many years in the retail business, I have learned the value of developing customer relationships that help the business grow, because we all know if there weren’t customers for us to sell our product or services to there wouldn’t be a business at all. Companies can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in training materials and training seminars just to teach the employees how to bring in and maintain a good customer.
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You need to make sure that every customer interaction counts. Your relationship with a customer is only as good as your last interaction (NewsCore, 2012).
Now that we know what makes a business thrive how do we keep that customer coming back? One of the ways is a first impression. We all know how important first impressions are and you never get a second chance at one. You want to make sure that you prepare before hand so you get rid of any nervousness or anxiety that may come about when talking to someone for the first time. For example if you are warned by a fellow employee that a customer is headed your way looking for more information on a Samsung TV, start making mental notes of all the specs and qualities of the Samsung branded TV’S that you can. Being prepared is most important.
Another important quality is to effectively listen. Being very assertive and attentive when your customer is telling you exactly what they want or explaining what they want and asking for advice builds trust between you and your customer. While your customer is talking it is always important to make eye contact, occasional nods or smiles and ask questions when you get the chance, to show your customer you are taking in every aspect of the conversation (or at least as much as you can obtain).
Once you have the customers trust and have completed the steps above, now it is time to close the sale. Closing the sale is just as important as the first impression. In my experiences with closing a successful sale, I always make sure that the customer is 100% confident in the purchase they just made....

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