Customer Satisfaction On Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited

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Customer Satisfaction
2.1 Literature review:
This project deals with the service quality and customer satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. A survey was conducted on the customers of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. The objective was to assess the level of importance the customers of Shahjalal Islami Bank put across various service level attributes and also to determine how well Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited was satisfying the customer on those service grounds. The results of this survey are then analyzed also determine the most important aspects of the service and discover various drivers of overall satisfaction.
Lastly, the findings are examined to prescribe a set of specific ...view middle of the document...

‘Documents’ include vouchers, cheques, bills, payment orders, promissory notes, and securities for leases/ investments and claims by or against the bank or other papers supporting entries in the books of a bank.
2.3 Factors affecting customer satisfaction:
Customer satisfaction is the overall impression of customer about the supplier and the products and services delivered by the supplier. Following are the important factors that could affect customer satisfaction:
 Product and service features: Customer satisfaction with a product or service is influenced significantly by the customer’s evaluation of product or service features. For a bank, the important feature may be the service provided to the customer, space for waiting room, speed of service and behavior of the bankers.
 Attributions for service success and failure: Attributions- the perceived causes of events- influence perceptions of satisfaction as well. For example, if a customer in a bank fails to get the proper service for her own mistake, then she will be satisfied by the service.
 Perceptions of equity or fairness: Customer satisfaction is also influenced by perceptions of equity and fairness. For example, priority customer of a bank always gets the special service.
 Quality of the service: Customer service is also affected by the quality of the service provided by the bankers. For example, if a banker gives slow service then the customer will be dissatisfied.
 Employee behavior: Employee behavior is one of the major factors that can affect customer badly. For example, if a banker behaves badly to a customer, then the customer will switch to other bank and the reputation of the bank will be negative.
 Technological and engineering aspects of the product or service: Technological and engineering aspects of the product and service play an important role. For example, if the ATM booth of the bank work slowly and if there is shortage of cash in the booth, then it will create dissatisfaction in customer.
2.4 When customer becomes disappointed:
Losing customer is never fun. Worse, often we do not even know why we lost a customer. Not knowing why something happened means to risk repeating the same mistake with another customer and losing them as well. It can be a mistake to think that just because a customer is dissatisfied with employees, product or service, employee automatically lose that customer.

Customers get disappointed when they don’t get things they expected. Customer expect several things from the bank, that includes –
To be respected
To have attention paid to them and their needs to be appreciated and recognized
To be, and feel, understood.
A recent survey asked customers why they stopped patronizing a bank. The results of the survey indicated that customers most often left a business they were frequenting because they felt they were not being respected, they did not receive the proper attention and they did not feel appreciated and worse, they...

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