Customer Service At Datatronics Essay

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Customer Service at Datatronics

Datatronics is an organization that serves their customers with Enterprise Resource Planning integrated solutions. Their growth is mainly attributed to acquisitions of smaller competitors. E-Z RP was such a company that despite its inferior size compared to Datatronics was able to succeed and outperform Datatronics on grounds of customer service and customer satisfaction. Datatronics recognized the fact and acquired E-Z RP with the aim to improve in that respective area. Just as it is the case with most acquisitions, job uncertainty at E-Z RP came into question when the acquisition was announced, however, all of the employees were able to remain employed. ...view middle of the document...

By doing so, CSR’s would have a higher focus on specific products and would essentially have a greater chance in becoming experts in supporting those through more targeted training and education. Now that teams are revolving around specific products, there is a great opportunity to optimize call routing by which customer wait times are going to be drastically reduced. Along the way, customers will stand a greater chance of getting in touch with the customer service representative who can provide them with superb and expert advice. Finally, there is a great opportunity to offload some of the calls that pertain to frequently asked questions to the company website. In order to achieve this, the web site will need to be redesigned and unified across all product groups. That will allow the customers to obtain most of the information they need without calling the customer service center.
Case Questions
1. Outline the specific information that Matt should collect to build a case for improving customer service at Datatronics.
2. Describe your top ideas for Matt to present to Joel next week.
3. How would Matt get Joel to support his ideas?

1. In order to improve customer service at Datatronics Matt will need to present a solid case in which he should consider the following items:
• How many customer service representatives are working in the Datatronics call center?
• What is their current knowledge of the products and what are some of the areas they will need to catch up on?
• How much time does a CSR spend on a single call on average? How many calls end up unresolved with the first call?
• What is the potential for reducing that time through improved education of CSR’s?
• How is the training being conducted on existing reps and new hires currently and how much time exactly is being allocated to that activity?
• Provide a means for customers to provide feedback after calls to acquire their satisfaction score on the overall service experience and allow them to point to areas that need improvement
o Information must be allowed to be fed back to the individual development teams to allow for controls to be put in place for product improvement
• Conduct anonymous CSR survey about working conditions and their own satisfaction levels along with an opportunity to provide ideas for improvement
• What tools do they have at their disposal to serve their customers? How familiar are they with those?
• How long does it take for a call to get through the IVR system and to the CSR on average? Does a customer have the option to bypass the IVR entirely and get to the CSR instantly?
• Are there any monitoring tapes that can be reviewed for weaknesses in the service calls that can be improved upon?
• Do the CSR’s have a means to keep track of calls to be able to pull up details for previous calls?
• Do major customers have assigned direct contacts that handle their accounts exclusively?
2. Essentially a lot of the ideas I personally would like to see...

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