Customer Service: The Key To A Prosperous Business

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When it comes to providing customer service, customers want quality, assurance and their demands met. Companies have a commitment to give good customer service. GE (General Electric) is ranked one of best companies that provide excellent customer service. Their commitment, training and quality to the customers for decades is how they gotten to the top. Meanwhile, AOL is ranked as one of the worst companies that provide poor customer service. There rude deposition, unethical guidelines and disgraceful quality is why they are going out of business.
GE’s motto, “We bring good things to life” is definitely working for this company by gaining new customers, keeping old customers and ...view middle of the document...

Last year, this company “success rate was 36% catering to families” (Networld Alliance, 1). Customers were waiting to long for orders, questions where not being answered and the equipment were in disarray. GE stepped in and saw the mistakes and the poor customer service. Their management team was trained with the Six Sigma policy and techniques, which was passed down to the staff. Red Robin was also supplied with new equipment to help get orders out in a timely manner. Within this year their “success rate in customer service has risen up to 77%” (Networld Alliance, 2).
The Six Sigma management experts also assist in internal customers by cutting costs, streamlining products and increasing profit margins—free of charge. This process is to “develop and deliver near to perfect products and services” (Sung Park, 82). Their idea is to figure out how many defects they have and eliminate them. John, a member of the Six Sigma team writes, “GE associates embrace Six Sigma’s customer-focused, data driven philosophy and apply it to everything they do” (GE, 1). With this training, came a policy of key elements to better serve customers.
General Electric came up with three key elements of quality. One element is “delighting customers with on-time delivery and services (GE, 2)”. Also, having reliably and competitive prices, clear and correct transactions. This company gets the customers involved in activities about the value of their products and defects they have. This is a way of listening to the voice of the customers to develop new products and improve on old ones.
The second element is the process in which to discover the emotions of the customers by their wants and needs. To accomplish this GE “measures and improves the products they produce so there are few defects in the eye of the customers” (Robert Slater, 1). From that concept, the company decides where to add value or how to improve their products.
Finally, GE focuses on their internal customers. They provide training and seminars to their employees to promote quality customer service. GE’s chairman, Jeffrey Immelt states, “quality is the responsibility of every employee, they must be involved, motivated and knowledgeable if we are to succeed” (GE, 2). These key elements and putting customers first is why GE is the best company for providing customer service. This has not been AOL’s strategy or how they give customer service.
AOL, American Online, one of the worst companies for customer service, has not followed in the footsteps of many by having key elements of quality for their consumers. In the past, this company was on top with “over 30 million customers” from their dial up services with the internet (Karen Aho, 1). During the past years they have seen a dramatic decrease in profits and a drop of “9.3 million paying customers”—a huge decrease (Aho, 1). Why the downfall of a profitable and every growing company?
The answer is simple. Due to the recession, AOL...

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