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Customer Services Comparison Of Two Major Transport Interchanges

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Diploma level (IRO)



Title: ‘Customer Services Comparison of two major transport interchanges’

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Module Abbreviation: CS

Word Count: 1500 (including survey’s)


Transport interchanges can be complex and intimidating to persons with a disability. I will design and conduct a survey and measure the customer service levels for disabled access. I will visit Stansted Airport and complete the survey form. The next visit will encompass Glasgow Central Railway Station to complete the same survey. I will then compare the survey results and identify any differences ...view middle of the document...

Finsbury Park is one example worth exploring, providing step-free interchange but no step-free street accessibility.


Signage draws criticism at it appears to follow a design in-keeping with the station rather than addressing a universal approach for all transport undertakings. Glasgow Central as an example incorporates high level signage with extensive directional information on a dark background with white writing, which is difficult and confusing for visually impaired people independently navigate the concourse. There is a large electronic board that provides train information departures and arrivals but no directional information or real-time access information. Stansted Airport however has provided signage that mildly back-lit in yellow with clear black writing, both concise and clutter free. All signage within the airport is colour coded depending on the information sought. The Rail Industry needs to agree on a European wide signage system with consistent pictograms and symbols allowing seamless customer transition within interchanges/stations. All safety/security related signage at Glasgow Central is not prominent, in respect perhaps, due to the open plan concourse. Stansted Airport provides a minimalist approach with spacious visibility for all signage however there is ample space in comparison with Glasgow. Glasgow Central genuinely needs a new solution to signage with electronic indications providing better real-time information. The RSSB provides guidance on station signage.

Help and Assistance

Both transport interchanges can facilitate assistance for disabled passengers. Stansted Airport provides help points at car parks, allowing luggage and wheelchair assistance. Wheelchair assistance is also available with accessible bus connections to the terminal available on-the-day providing pro-active assistance. Airport customers will have to pre-arrange further assistance for boarding and journey assistance through the airline. Low-counter check-in and low monitor information screens are available at Stansted Airport.

In contrast Glasgow Central can also provide on-the-day assistance via a help point. For example helping a visually impaired customer into the station and assisting them to their seat on the train. A text service is available to rail passengers indicating what their seat number is and their destination, this provides pro-active assistance at destinations. Rail customers are expected to contact the Train Operator to arrange assistance, although reports of customer’s left stranded on trains and ‘forgotten’ at stations is still an issue (BBC report, 2011). Ticket counters are lowered for wheelchair access and automated barriers provide wider access. However there is no ticket machine’s at wheelchair level which in turn allows a ‘personalised’ approach at the ticket office in hindsight.

Station/Terminal Facilities

Both Glasgow Central and Stansted Airport provide disabled toilet access on both upper and lower...

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