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Customized Learning Theory Essay

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Customized Learning Theory
Eric L. Maddox
Liberty University

According to Slavin (2012), Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences suggests the learning objectives and lessons should be in a variety of ways and he also lists nine intelligences.  The educational system has revised the curriculum so teachers are encouraged to use many different teaching strategies within the class to include music, cooperative learning, role play (hands-on), discussion and many other strategies.  This paper seeks to focus on incorporating games into the modern classroom and curriculum as a strategy for student learning following the 21st Century learner profile.  The paper also examines playing games in ...view middle of the document...

  I am not stating that games are not effective; however, some teachers believe that because one or two students can give the answers in a game that the students seem to be learning. So I ask are the games helping the students produce the information in the way it is tested and are the games only promoting low-level recognition skills?  Playing games are not helping to increase the literacy among these generational learners, which has been an increasing problem within the last decade.  The students are able to play games in class and answer questions correctly during the game, but when they attend college or communicate in the real world, their skills are lacking.  There are ways to use games in class but also incorporate literacy to ensure all content areas are addressed.
While playing games in class is a fun way for students to become actively engaged during a lesson, sometimes it’s difficult for students to make studying for classes that are all fun and games a priority. Instead of making sure the goals and objectives are covered, many new teachers seem to have a greater need for the students to like them and for their class to be fun.  The students become get confused and think your need to make things fun and entertaining means that you don’t take the bottom-line learning seriously.  Marzano suggests that game questions focus on the most important content within the unit. “The most efficient way to maintain an academic focus is to organize games around important terms and phrases. Questions and answers would involve information important to terms and phrases” (Marzano, 2010).  The questions and answers should be phrased so that students quickly understand what is being asked so they may answer quickly.
Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences focuses on the hands-on approach within the classroom.  This allows the student to become involved in the learning process which directly ties into other areas of classroom instruction.  Marzano (2010) suggests using educational games such as Jeopardy and Family Feud where the students are required to think critically to develop a correct answer.  This strategy wants the teacher to allow students to have fun and compete with one another while learning.  The across the curriculum educational game idea would break down the barrier between subjects and different states.
As students enter colleges and universities, many professors do not play educational games in order to enhance student learning or keep students actively engaged, the professors are more of the lecture style; therefore my learning theory would allow them to achieve success from K – 12 but not during their collegiate years.  Curriculum changes are necessary in order to adapt to the evolving needs of children and their learning styles.  While I was growing up, my teachers taught lecture style and I was so used learning lecture style that I became successful in college.  My twin nieces are freshmen at East Carolina University and they are...

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