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Customs Union Of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia And Kyrgyzstan

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Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and KyrgyzstanObjectiveAs integration/globalization is a part of prosperous development, we decided to choose the theme of our case presentation - the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. We believe that this topic has more international issues for Kazakhstan than any other. Regional economic integration is always a key factor of development for CIS countries for increasing competitiveness of national producers, market, and opposition of excessive foreign competition. Nowadays, economic integration is developing steadily, which is proved by many Customs Union (CU further) in Europe, Near East, Latin America and Africa.We ...view middle of the document...

The supreme body of the customs union - the Customs Union Commission and the governments of the parties carried out set of measures to complete the formation of the customs union, including the Common Customs Tariff, the Customs Code, and the Statute of the Customs Union Court.A new Customs Code has been applied between Russia and Kazakhstan since July 1, 2010. Belarus signed the required documents on July 6, 2010 due to some dispute. Customs control was abolished on the borders of 3 countries on July 1, 2011. It was moved to the external boundaries of the Customs Union.The joining of Kyrgyzstan to the CU was declared on October 19, 2011 in St. Petersburg at the meeting of Heads of Eurasian Economic Community. Kyrgyzstan officially joined into the CU at that date, its actual accession to the union would be in 2012.On 19 November 2011 Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia put together a joint commission on fostering closer economic ties, planning to create a Eurasian Economic Union by 2015. "All the decisions were approved on the basis of equality, of respect for the sovereignty of all the members, and of the benefit of all of them," Nursultan Nazarbayev told after a Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) summit in Minsk, Belarus (Yashin I., 2009).The treaty on the Eurasian Economic Commission was signed by the presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on 18 November in Moscow. The document provides for the establishment of a Commission as a single permanent regulating body. At the same time general principals of commission functioning are defined. The main task of the Commission is to ensure conditions for the Customs Union activities, as well as the development of proposals in the area of ​​integration. The treaty defines establishment of a board commission, procedure of formation and decision making, its functions and credentials. Under this agreement, the chairmanship of the Eurasian Economic Commission would proceed from one country to another in alphabetical order every year. Commission would be located in Moscow. However, when 3 presidents meet in Moscow on November 18, 2011, the President of Russia, Dmitriy Medvedev offered Astana for location of commission.As all documents of the Customs Union were done very quickly, there are many problems, difficulties and misunderstandings that would be solved during the following years.As all steps of the CU is completed, starting from January 1, 2012 Eurasian Economic Union would be functioning.Possible extension of the Customs UnionOver the time, some countries of CIS (also countries of EurAsEC) could join the CU, Tajikistan in particular.President of Syria Bashar al-Assad expressed an interest in joining to CU on 26 July 2010.Negotiations with Syria were continued in October 2011. Moreover, draft treaty about establishing a free trade zone between Syria and CU was worked out.New Zealand and Vietnam are planning to reach an agreement for a free trade with the Customs Union.Moldova started...

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