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Cv Complete Essay

1067 words - 5 pages

Hayley Goodfellow

Date of birth:  11/02/1998
Gender: Female
Marital status: Single
Ethnic origin: WHITE - British
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Religion or belief: Christianity

Education & Professional Qualifications

I studied at Kingston school for 3 years , for the next 2 more years we joined another school and become The Horizon Community College. I always got involved in extra activities outside of school, for example baseball, net ball and cheerleading. At school my goal was to become a famous actress, I was always rehearsing and practising my acting skills for upcoming shows. I took part in les miserable’s ,the main part in blood brothers and the main part in a ...view middle of the document...

Brief description of my duties and responsibilities

My main duties were meeting and greeting customers. I always show a friendly and polite manner to the customers. In order to deliver excellent customer service, I am friendly, smiley, sociable and welcoming to our customers at all times. No matter what the customers feedback is I always remain calm ,patient and polite. I always helped the customers in the best way I can even if it was to go out my way to help them. This ensured I always demonstrated a passionate commitment to the business. 

My others duties were answering emails / phone calls, updating our website , ensuring the reception area is clean and tidy, taking bookings , ensuring that nothing goes out of stock , taking cash / card payments and carrying out instructions given by the manager . Most importantly I was the event organiser for Dr Scooters. This was very hard as I had to suit all our customers needs and wants during our events. I always ensured all the customers were happy with what I provided.

I loved working at DR Scooters as it is an industry I never saw myself working in. I have met lots of friends through working here. I never saw DR Scooters as a job I saw it as a part of my life. I always ensured I was dressed up to the standards.



Type of reference  Previous Employer
Title Mrs
Surname/Family name  Goodfellow
First name  Darren
Relationship  Employer
Employer name  Dr Scooters
Referee job title  owner /manager

Address line 1  UNIT 4
Address line 2 RACE STREET
Country  United Kingdom
Postcode/Zip code  S70 1BY

Telephone 07725545586

Can the referee be approached prior to interview? Yes


Type of reference  Educational/Academic
Title Mr
Surname/Family name  Greavson
First name  Mark
Relationship  tutor at college / course leader
Address line 1  Barnsley College
Address line 2 Church Street

Town/City Barnsley
County/State South Yorkshire
Country  United Kingdom
Postcode/Zip code  S70 2YW
Telephone 01226 216216

Can the referee be approached prior to interview? Yes


Type of...

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