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Cv Of Joel Luis Manager Learning And Development

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§ Trained CISF (Airport security staff) at the Mumbai airport on customer service, conflict resolution training and stress management training.

APTECH – Avalon Aviation Academy                                                                                                       Centre Academic Head and Trainer

§ Managed Vashi and Dadar centre

§ Trained by Aptech -  Train the Trainer at  A.I.C.A.R – Neral (Aptech – Training School)

§ Maintained Daily / Weekly Training Reports

§ Trained staff on Interview skills and grooming to prepare them for interviews

§ Responsible for assisting our students with placements

§ Trained students on various topics: ...view middle of the document...

M.C Ministers Charter flight:

§ Flight was chartered to fly ministers across certain destinations across India

Qatar Airways – Doha (Qatar)
Dedicated First Class – Cabin crew: [2002-2005]

§ Trained and licensed to operate on Airbus A320-200/A300-600/A330-200/A330-300 aircrafts

§ Trained on Safety Evacuation and Fire Fighting training from Dubai training college – U.A.E.

§ Managed and documented on-board Duty Free Sales


§ Selected to handle VVIP, CIP passengers and Diplomats onboard Qatar Airways

Jet Airways India Pvt. Ltd.
Senior Cabin Crew:                                                                                                                                                                              [2000-2002][2006-2008]

§ Responsible for Safety and Comfort for passenger onboard

§ Conducted on-board Duty Free Sales

§ Trained on Airbus: A340-300/A330-200 BOEING 737-700/800/900&777-300 & Boeing 737-400/500/700/800.

§ Operated as In-flight manager when required

§ Safety and Fire Fighting drills as per D.G.C.A (India)

Academic Qualifications:

B.COM - Delhi University 2002 

Diploma in software engineering -  N.I.I.T.  Bandra (National Institute Of Information Technology) 1996–1999

H.S.C - G.N. Khalsa College - Maharashtra State Board of Higher and Secondary Higher Education 1996 

S.S.C - Don Bosco High School - Maharashtra State Board of Higher and Secondary Higher Education 1994

Additional Training:

§ Completed 2 day course on “Excellence in Store Operations” from Retail Association of India (R.A.I)  Bangalore - 2012

§ Train the Trainer Programme –...

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