Cyber Bullying Vs Traditional Bullying Essay

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I. Intro
A. Description
B. Thesis Statement

II. Reasons
A. Emotions
1. Committing suicide
2. Fear
B. Types of Bullying
1. Physical Bullying
2. Emotional Bullying
C. Prevention
1. Counseling
2. Reducing Bullies

III. Conclusion
A. Closing Statement
B. Restatement of Thesis Statement

A lot of teens now are suffering both emotionally and mentally. One of the reasons is because of bullying. Bullying has been a big problem of teens and children nowadays. These

A. Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when the ...view middle of the document...

They will have great fear especially when it’s time to go to school. They might get depressed and also have mood swings.

B. .
1. Physical bullying is any unwanted physical contact between the bully and the victim. This is one of the most easily identifiable forms of bullying. Examples include punching, pushing, shoving and kicking.

2. Emotional bullying is any form of bullying that causes damage to a victim’s psyche and/or emotional well-being. Examples include: spreading malicious rumors about people, keeping certain people out of a "group”, ignoring people on purpose - the silent treatment and harassment.

1. Counseling can help a lot of people. Especially teens, teens have a lot of problems in terms of school work, emotional problems and especially love problems. They express these problems through bullying. Counselors can help those teens and help them change for the better.
2. We can help reducing bullies. Examples include: Make sure an adult knows what is happening to their children, actually enforce anti bully laws, make it clear that bullying is never acceptable, improve communication among school administrators, teachers, parents and students and help bullies with anger control and the development of empathy.

III. It may be tempting, but violence will not solve anything. When you use it, you have stooped to their level. Others might even think you are the bully. However, sometimes a situation deteriorates into violence. You try to avoid it, but if things become physical, then so be it. Just make sure your actions are in the right. If violence ensues, do not take vengeance on the bully, just contain or eliminate the threat. How far things go depends upon the situation and how far you are willing to go to live your life in the way you want, and not the way the bully wants. Sometimes, people would rather die for what is right than to live as a coward.

A. Bullying has to stop it has affected a lot of teens. The effects of bullying can be serious and even fatal. Bullying leads to several suicides every year.

B. Bullying in its various forms is one of the new emerging problems that many children and teenagers have to face daily at school. Bullying is not only physical, but it can also disrupt a person’s emotional life through mobbing and cyber bullying which is its worst form.m.

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This informative eBook provides practical information on cyber bullying. It presents a comprehensive list of actions that a parent can take in the quest to counter cyberbullying and illustrates the warning signs as well as consequences of cyberbullying. The eBook is resourceful in presentation of a wide view on various aspects of bullying during the...

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