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Crime happens every day around the world. Although one crime in particular has had a great amount of growth, this crime has been classified as “Cyber Crime”. This type of crime was first acknowledged in the mid 1980’s and is now committed from millions of computers, cell phones, and other pieces of technology every day. It has also had a significant amount of growth over the past decade due to the increase of internet users and the rapid reproduction of technology. The effect that cyber crime has on the economy and its victims is very drastic. In the 1990’s cyber crimes were estimated at 80 million dollars in damages caused by nationwide virus outbreaks. The most common committed types of ...view middle of the document...

All forms of fraud are very dangerous to all consumers and computer users around the world. Anyone can become a victim if they do not stop conducting themselves to unsafe websites.
Unauthorized Computer Access like Fraud is also punishable under the Fraud and Abuse Act. It is known well by its slang name “Hacking”. Hacking has become one of the biggest problems with the internet because there are so many different forms of it. The different forms of hacking would be national security, illegally obtaining information, affecting United States government computers, intent to defraud, damaging computers, password trafficking and extortion. All of which are dangerous in their own particular ways.
National Security is a very serious type of hacking, because it is hacking in on government and military files. For a hacker to obtain any information on government secrets that are protected would be a very serious charge against them. The risk of government secrets or military information being exposed to the public could be used to injure our nation or better yet give a higher advantage to a nation other than our own. Another type of hacking would be the form of Illegally Obtaining Information. Federal law states that hacking cannot be used as a tool to gain any type of information that may be harmful to the owner. It is illegal for anyone to obtain any of the following information through any electronic communication technology, financial data, information from any department and or agency from the United States or any information from a computer used in the United States and any foreign communication. Affecting United States Government Computers would be another form of hacking. There are certain laws that prohibit any possible unauthorized access of computers whether they belong to or are just used by the department and or agency of the United States Government. If the access has any types of affection to their usage there is a large range of offences that may be placed on the hacker. Intent to Defraud is simply just the intent to cause some financial loss to another in order to gain some for one self. Having said that many people who are victims of fraud often become a victim of defraud shortly after their information is exposed to other hackers. Damaging Computers would be the most popular form of hacking because it is mostly conducted by a younger portion of America. Many teenagers with low experience with the internet or computers itself find themselves easily learning how to build viruses and conduct them to other people through E-mails or programs like America Instant Messaging. Although these “viruses” are conducted through teenagers mostly they tend to spread rapidly through millions of computers and other technology devices every day. Some of the damages that were calculated by the FBI were at least $5,000 during one year to an average of twenty individuals. These viruses are split into three different categories when investigated. The...

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