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Cyber Crime Trends Essay

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Cyber-Crime Trends
Melody Ann Lovelace
October 10, 2011
Ray Gagne

Cyber-Crime Trends
In the dawn of the 21st century, the evolution of new technology and science concepts have made changes to everyone’s daily life. Cyber-crimes are a creature that did not exist 15-plus years ago. Back in the day, before technology, were only the conventional crimes such as illegal behaviors people thought were criminal behaviors. However, in today’s time an individual must be extremely careful because not only are people combating traditional crimes but cyber-crimes as well. Cyber-crimes are the newest and most complicated crimes for the new century. A cyber crime is an individual conducting ...view middle of the document...

d.). The cost of cyber-crimes rises to astronomical numbers in the billions of dollars every year. John Walker (2008) illustrates an estimation of global costs as 81 billion each year. (pg. 1) The Internet Crime Complaint Center receives over 300,000 complaints which average over 25,000 per month in 2010 (IC3, 2011). Therefore, by the few statistics listed, it is evident that cyber crimes are on the rise and careful consideration must be taken to enact up-to-date systems, stricter regulations, and cooperation because cyber-crimes have no boundaries.
To begin with criminal profiling is an art and a science because it is about generalizations and knowing the types of individuals who will commit specific criminal offenses. The typical cyber criminal is an individual who possesses some measure of technical knowledge. This individual will have a total disregard for the law or any rationalizations about why specific law(s) are invalid and should not apply (Shinder, 2010). The cyber criminal is an individual that may have a high tolerance for risk and seeks the thrill factor. This individual is a control freak by nature and receives much enjoyment by manipulating or outsmarting others. What motivates the cyber criminal is monetary gain, political beliefs, religious beliefs, strong emotions, sexual desires or impulses, and simple boredom (Shinder, 2010).
Not all cyber criminals are equally created because these individuals range from pre-adolescent downloading illegal music unknowing it is a crime to the desperate white collar worker with the dire monetary need downloading company secrets for that monetary gain, to the sociopath who can manipulate any network for whatever the need may be that day and no regard for what is right and wrong (Shinder, 2010). Some signs to look for can include disturbing phone calls, harassment, withdrawing from friends and family, refusing to help at work because of being discovered, avoiding formal audits, living above expected lifestyle with no explanation, large cash transactions, and multiple bank accounts with different banks (Shinder, 2010).
Because cyber crimes are borderless, these acts can occur or come from anywhere, anytime, and impact millions of people and systems around the world with the push of a button. Globally, there are five countries in three continents coming together to combat cyber crimes in a synergistic manner by swapping practices and tools, sharing intelligence, and synchronizing and strengthening the laws (News Report, 2008). In 2006, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States have their high-level cyber cops meet at FBI Headquarters to establish the Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group. This group is assisting with forensic tools, training and strategies for public awareness in an effort to reduce cyber crimes (News Report, 2008).
The United States Department of Justice is taking the lead for a national effort to prosecute individuals committing cyber...

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